Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A New Header for a New Year

So it is time for another header change!! So soon you say? Well, we did some seriously sweet pictures last time Shan was down, so we decided it was time for a header change.  I wanted to involve you all since you are the first ones to see it when you come to my blog! So here are four different choices and I will put the winner up on New Years Day. Leave me a comment to let me know which one you guys like best!!

(All Photos and Header Design by Shan Renee)





My Hair Adventures

I did a post earlier this year on my hair over the past few years or so. Click HERE to read.  But I wanted to do another post on my hair categorizing it into the different hair colors I have endured over the years.  I would love to know which one if your favorite! And don't worry, I am not going to change it anytime soon, I just wanted to see what you all thought! So here we are.

Myself as a blonde

Golden Blonde Highlights

Blonde and Caramel Highlights

Very heavy blonde highlights

This is me as a brunette. I don't stay brown for very long when I do it because I just tend to get very bored with the look. This is why I only have one picture of me as a brunette! HA!

Brunette, pretty close to my natural color

Now onto my red stage!! I have been all kinds of red.  I have been brown red, violet red, copper red, and now I have settled into copper red with blonde highlights.

Reddish Brown with blonde side panels

Red Brown all over

Copper Red with copper highlights

Red Violet with blonde side panels

Copper Red all over

Right now, I look like this!!

Copper Red with blonde highlights

So what do you all think? Blonde, brown or  red!??

Monday, December 27, 2010

Makeup Mondays - My Favorite Lip Gloss

I got a new Flip video recorder for Christmas and I am still figuring out how I am going to set it up so I will FOR SURE have a new makeup video next Monday! So, this week I am sharing with you all my favorite lip glosses. I am a lipgloss fanatic because I have extremely chapped lips at all times but you know I can't go without lipstick and lip gloss!
So without further ado, here they are!

This is Too Faced Lip Gloss in Don't Hate Me. It is extremely natural looking and you can put it over anything.  I probably use this one more than any other lip gloss I own!

Too Faced Lip Gloss in Don't Hate Me
Another favorite pick is the NYX lip gloss in RLG 13 Peach.  It is extremely sparkly!! You know how I love sparkles! It is also more of a coral tint which I love to wear with my new hair color.

NYX Lip Gloss in Peach
Next up is my new MAC Dazzleglass in Love Alert! It is super shiny AND it is a red/coral tint as well as extremely vibrant!! I like to put this one over red lipstick.

MAC Dazzleglass in Red Alert
My last lip gloss pic is the MAC Lipglass in Viva Glam Cyndi!! I have the lipstick too! It is the most pigmented lip gloss I have ever owned! It is a nice color for a punchy day time lip!

MAC Viva Glam Cyndi

Next Monday we will be doing this look with the mint green eyes and peachy lips that I found in the new BeBe catalog!!! So stay tuned!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas Card

The Hubs and I haven't sent out Christmas cards for the last couple of years, and I honestly do not have a good reason on why we haven't partaken in this lovely tradition. But this year would be different! Since my lovely cousin would be in town for our Christmas party, she wanted to shoot some photos for us so we could send out some REALLY sweet looking Christmas cards this year! Of course, like always, she exceeded my expectations and took some amazing shots for us! If you are new to my blog, I have to explain that my truly spectacular cousin who happens to be a photographer is also a light wizard.  She does so many crazy things with light, it would seriously blow your mind! Half the time, I am not sure what she is even talking about, but back to the subject at hand! Here are some of the shots that we got for our cards, and you have to remember she does NOT photoshop our images in, she uses her camera to do all of this light work! Let's give her a hand please!!
Oh yes, and I can't forget to mention that I am wearing the dress that you all helped me pick out for my husband's company Christmas party! (Click HERE for that post) You know, the one from Modcloth? It turned out to be even better in person that online, so I was very pleased. Thanks guys!
(All Photography by Shan Renee)

This is the photo that we picked for our Christmas card!

This photo rocks my socks!!!!!

Do you guys send out Christmas cards? It will be hard to top this one next year, but I know my cousin is always up for bigger and better!
Thanks Shan!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hair on Wednesday - My Favorite Redheads

I am sure you can tell by now how obsessed I am with the color red especially when it comes to hair color!! I love the rich coppery tones that glisten in the sun like a gorgeous shiny penny. That is why I strive to be one! LOL  Well, being in the holiday spirit in all (you know the color red), I thought I would share my list of all-time favorite redheads.

Christina Hendricks from Mad Men, 
need I say more?
(Photo Courtesy of

The always gorgeous Amy Adams
(Photo Courtesy of

I will always love Ashlee best as a redhead!
Photo Courtesy of

Julianne Moore is a stunning redhead
(Photo Courtesy of

Isla Fisher has a deep strawberry blonde 
hue that is to die for!
(Photo Courtesy of

New to the Red team my 
beautiful cousin, Shanna

This is my gorgeous redheaded friend Heather.
I have been swooning over her hair for years
now.  Can you believe her copper blonde hair is
all natural!??
And now for the formal unveiling of my new hair color. (This is for you Nina!) My talented friend Yesicca put in some lighter blonde highlights and trimmed up my layers for a new rockerish do!

Who is your favorite redhead??  Would you ever consider going red or leave it to us brave ladies??

Monday, December 20, 2010

Makeup Mondays Presents Holiday Sparkle

Since this week is Holiday themed I decided to do a fun glitzy look that I came across while thumbing through the Sephora holiday catalog.  I love this look because it has such a glamorous striking effect and the cherry lips really set it all off. Perfect for the Christmas week, no!??
I am not sure if any of you will notice, but yes I did change my hair color last week and don't worry I will be doing a post on it this week!

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Happy Makeup Monday My Makeup Queens!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Inspirational People - Artist Celia Castle

I wanted to devote Sunday posts to anything inspirational. Whether that be an inspirational subject, person, pictures, art, etc!  This week, I wanted to feature my sister in law, Celia Castle's marvelous artwork that she actually sells on her Etsy shop, Celia's Art.  She is madly talented and I am so blessed and lucky to have her beautiful artwork hanging in my own home! 

This is Celia on her wedding day. I love this picture of her!

I wanted to ask Celia a few questions so you can get to know her a little better and see what inspires her paintings.  She is such a creative person and I find that so intriguing.  I think we are probably both two of the most creative people in our family! I want to thank her so much for doing this and please go visit her site, (HERE) she has so many gorgeous painting to see.

Have you always considered yourself what others would say an "artsy" person?

I attended an arts and science magnet school when I was in middle school but I am not sure I understood what that meant.  When I was in high school, my favorite subject was art and I knew that I wanted to pursue a career where I could express myself.  I have always been me.

At what age would you say you became interested in art?

When I was in the 8th grade, I went to Italy on a school trip for spring break.   At our trip reunion I noticed that my photographs looked different from the other students and my father noticed a difference as well.   My father gave me his Pentax Spotmatic, an old film camera that I treasure to this day.   The camera was my first introduction to photography.

You went to RISD (Rhode Island School of Design, which ROCKS by the way!) for an undergraduate degree in Photography. You are now focusing more on painting, which includes opening your own Etsy shop, Celia art.  Has what you learned in photography carried over into your painting at all, and in what way??

At RISD and many other art schools, all freshmen take the same design, drawing, 3d and art history classes.   You do not start classes in your major until your sophomore year.   Design principles and color harmonies are the same whether it is painting or photography.   I like to think, once you know the rules then you can break them! I believe I started painting because I could immediately see the results of my work.   I can manipulate and feel the paint, rather than take a picture, fix it on the computer and then wait for the print. I enjoy photography and will always enjoy this medium of expression.  I just really like getting my hands dirty in paint too!

How do you come up with an idea when you are starting a new painting?

When I am painting I may be influenced from a new color of paint, a design I saw on a shirt or even something simple as a feeling of calmness from a morning walk.   Lately I am using mostly earth colors with touches of copper, bronze and gold.   I am drawn to the outside…to the trees, sky and landscapes.

Do you do one painting from start to finish all in one sitting?

I have never done that! (haha) My husband is wonderful.  He helps me setup sawhorses outside and I spread 10-12 canvases out at once to paint my backgrounds.  I normally spend one or two days painting backgrounds, then bring them into my studio and start details on individual paintings.

Do you work on more than one painting at a time?

In my paintings I build layers upon layers of color, texture and pattern.   I work on many paintings at once moving from section to section developing the layers on each painting.   I began using this process so each layer can dry before I work on top of it.   Sometimes the outcome is unexpected and happy accidents take on new meanings.

What are your favorite types of mediums to use?

I am fond of acrylic paint because it dries quickly and I can add many textures to it.   I have recently started playing with an oil paint that is water-soluble.   The colors are amazing!

You are also an art teach to in Birmingham, Alabama (not to mention teacher of the year last year!) What is your favorite art project that you have taught to date?

I enjoy any projects that are extremely hands-on.   We painted on top of bubble wrap in 3rd grade and my 5th grade students are painting on canvas.  They love it! Many students have not been exposed to artist materials such as canvas and acrylic paints.

Have any of your school art projects affected your paintings outside of work?

For three years I was the art teacher at a countywide special needs school.   This experience had an enormous impact on my personal work. It is easy for us to take our sight and perceptions for granted. I created projects that taught each child in a personal way given their disability.  Each student could participate.   That is where I started painting on bubble wrap and Legos… which I use in all almost all of my paintings.

Here are some of her pieces that are available right now! I have my eye on this first one. HAHA!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sweet Saturdays

I was trying not to pick comments from the same people but I just couldn’t help but put this one up from Jodi! Seriously, she is one of the funniest people I know! I can only imagine how much fun I would have with her if we could actually hang out in person!

That is one cool belt if you ask me.. could it double as a tube top? Hell if people wear skirts as tops why not belts? thats one thing I do not yet own is sequins.. i can just imagine me with them.. would be the same as nail polish.. would last all of 5 minutes before its chipped or smeared. Sequins would be all over the floor and getting caught in the door, on the sidewalk around me, falling into my coffee cup... oh what a scenario. BUT YOU.. you are so elegant in this!! VERY nice!!! love the pics too!! xxo J

I just love this comment because who doesn’t love Aerosmith!!! It’s sweet and to the point! I can just hear him saying it out loud as he typed it out!!

I like the Aerosmith Tee, nice. 

I love Jenni because she is so dang cute! If you haven’t visited her blog yet you must!!  Plus in her comment she just puts it out there that she doesn’t have any idea what arm warmers are but she still appreciates the whole look! She rocks! Thanks Jenni!

I LOVE that first outfit. TO DIE FOR!! Right down my ally. And can you believe it, I have never heard of these "arm warmers!" Perhaps that's why I don't run a fashion blog. ;) Btw, I love your new blog header!! :) You look HOT! ;)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Five for Friday: Five Ways to Wear a Little Black Blazer

I have had my LBB (Little Black Blazer) for about 5 years now, and I cannot imagine my life without it! I bought it on sale at The Limited when our mall actually had one for $50 and boy have I gotten my money’s worth!  I think every fashionista around would agree that a black blazer is an absolute must have wardrobe staple for every woman.  Here are 5 ways I have styled mine, but believe me there are way more than 5 ways to style this little gem!

1.   1.  I like to layer my blazer over flowing blouses and leggings.  This also makes for a comfortable outfit. (perfect for a bloated day yeah?)
(Limited Blazer, Vintage blouse, Black House White Market leggings,  BCBG shoes)

2. The simplest way to wear a blazer! I wear this outfit at least once a week, no lie.; a simple white tank, black blazer, and skinnies.  Now, I topped mine off with a Carrie Bradshaw-esque flower and leopard flats just because I get bored with simple outfits!
(Limited Blazer, J. Crew tank, Uniqlo skinnies (best denim ever!), Nine West flats, flower pin bought from Macy’s years ago)

3. This tutu is one of my favorite things I own! I don’t wear it as often as I like, but it is just lovely! This look can work with any poufy, ballerina-ish skirt.  I also LOVE to pair my black blazer with tees. Delish!
(Limited Blazer, H&M tee, American Apparel tutu, Francesca’s shoes and necklace, F21 headband)

4. Oh cut offs and thigh highs.  This has been my favorite combo since I came back from London.  Such a chic pair they make, don’t you think?  I put them with this cute little number I found in the sale section of Urban Outfitters (love their sale section seriously!), then topped it off with the LBB.
(Limited Blazer, UO blouse, A&F shorts, Steve Madden socks, Nine West shoes, J. Crew necklace)

5. A blazer with sequins will always be in style.  So, I took my simple white tank and blazer from my previous outfit and paired it with my sequins mini.   Voila, party ready!!
(Limited blazer, J. Crew tank, Express mini, Steve Madden shoes)

Do you own a Little Black Blazer?? What is your favorite thing to pair it with!!??
Happy Friday Lovelies!!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hair on Wednesday: Copper Dreams

Finally! You guys get to see a picture of my lovely, talented cousin, Shanna. (Who owns Captured Photography)  She is the mastermind behind almost all of the photography on my website. Not only is she a mad talented photographer, she is a beautiful lady with the most stunning crystal blue eyes you will ever see.  That is the main focus of our hair creation for her latest look.  Shan is definitely willing to go for more dramatic, expressive looks, but I have to say this latest one takes the cake!
She told me that she wanted a fiery copper red with a few blonde streaks throughout on the top portion of her head, then a rich deep auburn red on the bottom portion.  Sounds simple enough right? WRONG! It would be except that Shan had brown hair with blonde highlights! I won't go into hairstylist specifics on what it took for us to get to the final look, but let's just say it took a total of about 6-7 hours, lots of labor hours for me, lots of sitting in the chair for her, and tons of color, and brain power (i.e. formulating color) for me to come to our final look! I couldn't be happier! We also decided on more layers and a super blunt bang to finish her off.

Here is Shan before with her golden brown base and blonde highlights.

Here she is after as a copper blonde with deep auburn beneath and a layered cut and blunt bang.  She also decided to spice up her makeup with a simple cat eye and poppy red lips. (She also has amazing makeup skills!)  Isn't she stunning?

So, what do you guys think?? What a change right!?? Thanks Shan for everything and letting me and my creative hands get onto that head of yours!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Outfit Post: Sequins in the Middle

I know I have missed a couple of days of blogging this week! I am so sorry my lovelies but I am back and will continue on! We have been busy this past weekend hosting our annual Christmas party and preparing our home for the holidays.  But I promise that I am back on schedule now! I am planning on doing all my posts for next week with a holiday theme too, even makeup Mondays.  
On to today's outfit post! I cannot even begin to count how many items of clothing I own that are covered in sequins.  This gorgeous little waist belt was no different.  I found it in the sale section one day when I was in BeBe. I love it so much because you can pair it with anything, and it makes your entire outfit look so glamorous.  I love it with this billowy white button up.  I added my J. Crew trousers, socks, and black pumps, and I was ready to go!
Aren't sale section finds just the best!!???
Happy Tuesday Lovelies!