Monday, June 28, 2010

Electric Lemonade - Delish!

I have been looking all summer for the perfect shade of neon yellow, and I finally found it! It is the China Glaze color Celtic Sun.  I have seen everyone from Rihanna to Drew Barrymore sporting this punchy color on their nails. I know it can seem a bit overwhelming, but I think it's fabulous for the next couple of summer months left. I figured that out when I gave my nail lady the color to paint on during my manicure, and she asked me "You want a french nail instead?" NEVER! I told her to paint it on so that I could go paint the town neon.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Sir Yes Sir! Military Fashion - Here to stay!

With what surrounds our current events, it’s no wonder Military Fashion has dug its heels in to stay. Military inspired styles and colors are all the rage and everywhere I turn I find inspiration for a new closet creation! From the different hues of greens, olives, as well as navy blue, you will be sure to find a color that’s perfect for you to flaunt this summer and well into the fall.
Most of the military inspired fashion that I’ve layed eyes on is very versatile and the pieces can easily roll right into your fall collection. All you need is a little creativity and layering to make it work. Here are a few examples I’ve pulled for you to check out!
These adorable pieces are from Forever 21’s latest line called Twist and is a very budget friendly alternative to creating this military look! These pieces look great with the right pair of booties and while adorned with great, chunky gold and black jewelry! Add a cardigan or blazer, and you will be ready for Fall in no time!
The next few pieces are from Express and are new arrivals! The Military Shirt Dress is one of my top favorites! I absolutely LOVE the hardware of the buttons and the caped sleeves! This piece will definitely take you from summer to fall without a problem! Check out these adorable heel’s from Kim Kardashian’s Shoe Dazzle Collection! Can we please take a moment to drool over these?!....okay, let's carry on shall we?
Another great addition to have is this double breasted jacket! Look how intricate the detailing is on the front buttons, as well as the buttoned sleeves! Ah, so classy and a very hot item for the fall! This jacket is also from Express!

Betsey Johnson’s Fall 2010 fashion show was full of military pieces and boy did they look incredible! Take a look below at some of her pieces for Fall 2010. The fuchsia military trench is a must have!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Cleanse Thy Face

Ladies, let me share my little dark secret with you...  I have battled with my skin for as long as I can remember! From a young teenager and now into my late twenties, I have struggled to keep a clear complexion and have probably experimented with just about every beauty product you could think of! That being said, last Tuesday my Bestie (Queen B) so happened to have the day off and she lured me into a morning that involved a facial at The Aveda Institute in The Woodlands. I previously attended the Cosmetology Program at Aveda so I knew I was in store for an invigorating experience! Since this summer started, I have again battled with my skin in order to reach a dewy, clean complexion that is sometimes hard for me to capture. Well, I had a tremendous experience as the 60-minute Aveda facial I got continued to improve my complexion for over a week afterwards! How exciting!!  Also, I decided to invest the $20 in the facial cleanser that my esthieologist used during my service - the Aveda Creme Purifying Cleanser . This investment has been as satisfying as I would imagine buying my dream classic black and quilted Chanel purse with silver chain strap would be! I used the cream every single evening and it has worked like a charm. I highly recommend it to all of you searching for a new facial cleanser.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Just a little mid-week inspiration!

Here's a quote from one of my favs! She's the epitome of elegant and class! Man did she have a mean eye for fashion!
"I am a woman above everything else."
-Jackie Kennedy Onassis

Thursday, June 3, 2010

They're Here, They're Here!!

Guess what all my ladies!!??  The new TOMS wedges are HERE!! I am so excited, I can hardly stand it.  I am a proud owner of two pairs of TOMS original shoes, and these shoes are not only incredibly comfortable but sassy and charming! Plus, if you buy one pair of the TOMS shoes, one pair of shoes also goes to a child in need, they call it their "One for One" program.  Now they are launching their new design with the summer wedge, and I am calling Nordies as we speak to see if they have received them.  They are available at the TOMS shoes website as well, just click on the word TOMS in this post to link straight to the website and hook up with the new summer wedge.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Shanna in the City

This past weekend my favorite cuz of all time, Shan (that's what I call her), came down to Houston to go see Sex and The City 2 with me and all my lady friends.  We had a blast and we all highly recommend that you go see the movie, if not just for the stunning wardrobe this movie contains! Well, after our night out on the town, Shan decided she was ready for a new look.  She asked me for big, blonde chunky highlights and she didn't care what else I did as long as she looked blazin' when we were all done. So I began painting on my new blank canvas blonde, panel highlights throughout her hair and finished with an all-over warm, chestnut brown to make the blonde panels underneath pop.  I cut just enough long layers into her hair to capture the movement of her new hue.  I wanted to share with you all our final product!