Monday, January 31, 2011

A New Year, A New Direction

Hello all my gorgeous friends!! I am sorry I have been MIA and abandoned my blog for a few days but I am BACK with LOTS to say!

I guess since tomorrow is February 1st, I am super late on doing the whole New Year resolutions, this is what I want for blog and this is how my blog did last year, but oh well. I won't go into my blog numbers or anything but I do have lots to share about my upcoming year. But first let me back up and explain to you my year, 2010, I like to call it the hell year.

I started off 2010 like any other.  Hopeful, with huge plans of success, change, getting toned, not drinking diet coke anymore, you know the usual.  Well, by about May, poop hit the fan.  I won't get into any details but we were hoping on starting a family by about the end of last year and for reasons I won't discuss it just hasn't happened yet.  Then we lost my husband's father in June which was a horrible situation for any family to go through.  He was only 62 years old, and honestly, the most patient man I have ever met to this day.  I have never met someone so patient with every single person that he came into contact with and so incredibly accepting of others.  His memory will always live on and I will remember all of our wonderful times together.  (He also taught me a lot about photography, his passion)

After June, the summer dragged on, then I turned 30 in September which was depressing enough, but hey it happens.  Well, boy did things go down hill.  As soon as I turned 30, I felt like I was hit by a brick. I went through a few medical issues involving severe migraines, a CT scan, diabetes testing and many other things that are just not fun in my opinion.  So, as the year came to an end, I knew I had to do something BIG, a change.

I have owned my own styling business since May, and while I most enjoy it, it did not keep me busy full-time.  Of course, the blog kept me VERY busy, but I knew I needed something more.
So, my cousin called me on the phone to tell me that there was a Free People opening in Houston! WHAT!?? FINALLY!! If you have EVER read my blog you know that I am a HUGE Free People and Anthro fan!! (These two stores are sister stores as well as Urban Outfitters) So, I did what any Free People obsessed clothes lover would do.  I applied for a job.  I applied online right before Christmas so naturally I didn't hear anything for about a week.  Then I got the phone call from one of the managers at Anthro letting me know the positions at Free People were filled, but there were positions at Anthropologie open, so lo and behold!! I went through an extensive interview process, met many of the managers at the store. (This store is in the Top 10 Volume for the entire US)  Every single person I interviewed with was amazing.  They were all so different but such spectacular women! I wanted the position even more! So, last Thursday, I got the call, I got the JOB!!

I was going to join the Highland Village Anthropologie selling management team!! This means I would be interacting with clients (which I LOVE), helping style their wardrobes (which I LOVE), and managing the sales floor at the same time.  I was so excited I could hardly stand it.  So, what did I do? I went and booked a trip to Vegas for me and the Hubs for one last FUN weekend!

Now, I am back at home, organizing, grocery shopping, reading, and getting prepared for my first day of work, TOMORROW!!  I wanted to let you all in on this because while I am super excited about going to work for Anthro, this means I will not be able to post as often.  I was posting 5 and sometimes 6 times a week.  I am going to shoot for 3 and maybe 4 on a good week!  I am sure I will have "this is what I wore to work" outfit posts for a few of them so stay tuned!!

And Happy 2011 Everyone!! (I know it's kind of late for that, but oh well). This is the year!!


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Guest Post - Ralph from Shybiker

Ralph and I are part of a guest blogger group that Ashley from 2 Eyes in the Mirror set up!! Every month we both are partnered up with a fellow blogger and we post on each other's blogs.  I was elated to be paired with Ralph (he runs Shybiker) because we have recently just gotten to know each other better and now I get to collaborate with him for posting, yay!!
Ralph is one of my favorite followers and I look forward to his comments everytime I post.  And let me tell you, he NEVER misses a post!! If you have not visited his blog, check him out HERE.
If you want to join our guest blogger group, please let us know or you can get in touch with Ashley and we will hook up up!
We decided that Ralph would do a post on the fashion in the 50's era since this style has become so popular especially since the popular show Mad Men aired! So, without further ado, here is Ralph's post:

Hi!  I'm Ralph.  Angela is kindly allowing me to guest-post and I promise to make this worthwhile.  I respect Angela's blog and will honor it with my best effort.

To make this discussion special, I did some research on our shared love for fashion.  Let me convey what I learned and invite your comments.  We're going to explore women's fashion from the 1950's.

Many people recently had their interest piqued in this period by the terrific TV show, "Mad Men."  The costumes made for that show are authentic to the time and display a full range of women's clothing, from domestic outfits to businesswear to fancy evening dress.

One important reason to study fashion styles of the past is their influence on the present.  Just last year, First Lady Michelle Obama wore a vintage dress from the Fifties to a formal "Christmas In Washington" concert.  Her dress, designed by Norman Norell, was actually made during the Fifties and stored, unworn, since then.

Current designers, too, borrow styles from the Fifties.  For example, the attractive dress shown here was created recently by Marc Jacobs: it draws on classic Fifties style so much that you can't tell whether it was designed then or now.

So what was Fifties fashion?  To understand it, we should look at changes that occurred in American society at the time.  The decade preceding the Fifties had our country fightingWorld War II.  The war-effort made resources scarce and life hard.  There was rationing of food and materials and widespread austerity.  It was a difficult time to live through.

After victory in 1945, American society began a prolonged stretch of economic prosperity, coupled with a shift to newly-developed suburban homes.  These two factors made life better for most people and the improvements began to show in fashion styles.  Women's clothing changed from utilitarian to decorative with increased femininity and glamour.  Elegance returned, with Hollywood leading the way.  Celebrities wore fancier clothes that hadn't been seen in decades.  Ordinary women picked up trends they saw in movies and magazines; their adoption of those styles popularized the clothes throughout the country.

Famous designer Christian Dior created a "New Look" at the beginning of the Fifties which celebrated the birth of a new era.  The masculine, wide-shouldered silhouette of the 1940's was replaced by a feminine, hourglass silhouette emphasizing female curves.

Girls wore "swing skirts" with narrow waists and flared skirts.  Here, they are displayed in an advertisement from the time.

Shoulder lines softened, new attention was placed on the waist, and busts were emphasized with uplifting and even pointed bras.  Another feature, revived from the 1920's, was sleevelessness.  Sleeveless dresses and blouses were worn all four seasons.

Materials changed, too.  Silk and velvet become popular, along with light transparent fabrics like organdy and chiffon.  Pastel colors were worn during the day and gray tulle in every shade was ubiquitous during evenings.  Another material which always symbolized luxury -- fur -- jumped in popularity, along with the first fake-furs.  Stoles were worn around the shoulders over elegant dresses.  Leopard-print was a rage during the Fifties.  Petticoats were common and facilitated the style of fitted waists and flared skirts.

Makeup changed, too.  The most popular new trend in makeup was to highlight eyes with eyeliner and mascara, which created a look that was quickly adopted and spread everywhere.

The Fifties also included the advent of television, the beginning of the "Baby Boom" and the growing culture of middle class suburbia.  These developments affected the lives of women.  The Fifties created a nesting period that was unprecedented.  Women were encouraged to marry and stay at home.  The image of the happy housewife was spread by advertising of the time.  Magazine articles focused on domesticity in a positive light.  In hindsight, some of these developments seem retrograde but, in historical context, they marked a general improvement in the economic and social circumstances of most women.  Life in middle-class suburbs promoted childrearing and provided material luxury previously unknown.

It is easy, but inaccurate, to label the Fifties a time of Procrustean conformity.  In 1953, seeds of feminism were sown when Simone de Beauvoir published "The Second Sex."  And statistics show significant improvement in the conditions of many women's lives.  For example, the number of women enrolled in college doubled during the Fifties and employment for women rose four times as fast as the rate for men.  Society changed during this decade, in ways both good and bad.  We shouldn't simplify that complexity with a historically-incomplete label.

Let me close with an amusing observation I made while doing research for this post.  I recently bought an adorable Jessica Simpson dress that I posted on my blog.  A week later, I saw that Elizabeth Taylor wore a dress to the 1958 Academy Awards ceremony which has the exact same collar!  Here are the two dresses.  Their similarity illustrates the continuing relevance of Fifties fashion to today.

Thank you Ralph for the fabulous post AND such an intense explanation of the history of 50's fashion.  You are amazing!!


Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Lunch With My New Lady Friends

I cannot tell you how incredibly excited I was to FINALLY meet my other Houston blogger friends IN PERSON!! YAY!! We all finally found the time to meet at a quaint little restaurant called Flora & Muse in the heart of City Centre.  I have spent a lot of time with Monica from Classy & Fabulous but I still hadn't had the chance to meet Veronika (she runs Veronika's Blushing) and Magen (she recently started Map Your Style).
First and foremost, you have to visit these ladies' blogs!! 
I could barely contain myself! A whole afternoon with ladies who love fashion as much if not more than me! What more could a woman ask for?
We had great food (including Nutella crepes), refreshing drinks (A mimosa please), and two hours full of fashion, beauty, blogging, and just life!  
Here are the photos to document our fabulous ladies' outing.
(Warning: Picture Heavy Post)

This is what I decided to wear! Lots of mixing prints and texture!!

Banana Republic skirt and blouse, J.Crew cardi and tights, H&M belt, Steve Madden boots, Kendra Scott necklace

This is me and Magen!! The redheads of the group!

And me and Monica laughing while trying to pose!!! Isn't she gorgeous?? I am going to start calling her Chanel because she is the classiest lady I know!

The chandeliers in the restaurant were absolutely beautiful. I could not resist taking a photo op!

A close-up on the necklace I bought at Elaine Turner during fashion week.

Magen and Veronika posing for the camera!! Their hair is stunning! They both just got it done!

Magen and I decided on Nutella and banana crepes. If you haven't had Nutella before, you best get your little booty to the store and get some!!

And of course the talented Monica painted this amazing Chanel perfume bottle for Megan.  Check her out, she has her own Etsy shop, HERE!

Magen and Monica. These ladies are too gorgeous for their own good!

Have you ever gotten to do a blogger meet up!??? 

Happy Saturday lovelies!!


Thursday, January 20, 2011

We Heart Austin, Don't You?

I am sorry this film has taken me SO long to put together, but perfection takes time right!?? So, this is our mini weekend vacay video!! We had such an amazing time in this art filled, beautiful, and inspiring capital city of Texas.  I wouldn't mind living here one day!  I hope you can get the feel of the city through the video but you know it is always better with a REAL VISIT!! (Just representing my state, TEXAS!!)
Here you go!! Let me know what you guys think!! Would you go to Austin?? You know you would!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Off to Austin with a New 'Do

I am still working on downloading and editing our video from the Austin trip this last weekend.  But instead of making you guys wait that long to see my new haircut, I decided to post these pictures first! I was packing and waiting around for Hubs to get home so we could leave.  In the meantime, I took a few outfit photos and tried to get some good shots of my new haircut.
So basically my hair was mostly cut in the back.  We left the sides almost completely untouched so that it would be an extremely angled bob.  I still have TONS of layers in my hair too which helps to keep the curl.  I have curled my hair everyday for the past week because I love how it looks! Let me know what you all think!!

F21 tee, UO jumper, WHBM tights, J.Crew Cardi, Steve Madden boots

Friday, January 14, 2011

Outfit Post - Flowers and Fluffy Stuff

I know on Fridays I normally do a post about how to style a certain piece five ways, but I have been going back through some of our photos and realized I hadn't posted this outfit yet! Shame on me! This is guiltiest pleasure from American Apparel.  This top haunted me for a few months before I gave in, rushed back to the store, and bought this beauty! In this particular post, I paired it with my fabulous leather shorts from Topshop while bought on vacay to London. (I want to go back sooooo bad) I have the travel bug REALLY bad lately.  I love the look of the feminine top paired with the mini leather shorts.
Since having the travel bug, my husband and I were dying to go to Vegas this weekend, but the flights were crazy expensive, so we settled on driving to our state's capital Austin, Texas! I will be posting our weekend adventure and of course taking video on this new flip camera! You will also see my new haircut in these pictures.  Did I mention I cut 5 inches off the back!?? I know it is a big deal I guess! So, stay tuned!
Now onto the outfit!

(All Photography by Shan Renee)

American Apparel blouse, Topshop shorts, F21 tights, Nine West Booties, Tiffany & Co ring

Happy Friday All!!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Vibrant Streaks in Gorgeous Locks, What's Your View?

I have always loved a peek of bright pink or hint of subtle blue found within gorgeous blonde locks.  I know to some it may seem too "out there" or "over the top", but I must say I adore it!  I am also a hairstylist, so it would make sense that I love to see these funky hues in people's hair.  I have picked some of our top celebrities who gave this bold trend a whirl.  What's your take on this? Yay or nay?

First up is Katy Perry. She is actually my newest girl crush! I love her funky style and how she carries herself with such pizazz.  I think if anyone can pull this look off, it's her!

Jordan Sparks keeps most of her fiery orange red streaks under wraps.  But after a closer look, you can see a little red streak popping out.

Awww and Rachel McAdams.  I have always and will always adore her! And one of my favorite combinations is pink and blonde.  She looks so dreamy!

The infamous Avril.  Although I don't dig her style much, I do think she is a beautiful girl and this look suits her.

Christina Aguilera. Wow, this bombshell has come such a long way.  I do still love this fuchsia  color amidst her baby blonde locks, but I prefer her full on platinum these days!

Would you ever consider donning a funky hue in your locks?? I did last year for about a month.  I had dark brunette hair with a big hot pink stripe in front.  I don't have any photos of it though! (Probably because I rarely take photos of myself with dark brown hair)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Makeup Mondays - Urban Decay's Pony Eyes

I am sorry that I am posting so late today!! The Hubs and I have been crazy busy all weekend and I just got down to makeup business.
I found this particular look on Urban Decay's website that you can find HERE.  It is a mod, 60's look with a little disco sprinkled on top!! It is a heavy turquoise eyelid with a pinky glittery color on the upper lid.  I hope you guys enjoy and let me know what you think!!
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Happy Makeup Monday!!


Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Styling Opportunity for the Non-Profit Autumn's Dawn

I don't post just a whole lot about my personal life, but today is different.  I have a 20 year old sister whom I adore and love with all of my heart named Autumn Dawn Howard.  She is one of the many blessings I have as far as close relationships go, and I enjoy each and every moment we spend together.  Autumn struggled through much of her junior high and especially high school years.  Not because Autumn wasn't smart or didn't apply herself, Autumn has Asperger's Syndrome. Asperger's Syndrome is a developmental disorder that makes it very hard for one to interact socially with others.  It has similar traits as autism, but many Asperger's children go undetected and are simply classified as "socially awkward."  Autumn was not diagnosed until the age of 16, so she went almost her entire school career without a diagnoses.  This is the reason my parents put together the non-profit organization called Autumn's DawnAutumn's Dawn is an organization dedicated to the development of young adults finishing high school with Autism Spectrum Disorders into a stable independent adult life.  While trying to find options for Autumn after high school, my parents realized that there were not a lot and statistics showed many of these young adults ending up without jobs and without friends.  They were determined this would not happen to my sister and wanted to help other young adults in the same situation.
This is my sweet sister, Autumn

The Autumn's Dawn center officially opened in October 2010 and has been getting organized and prepared to take on clients and begin seminars to help these clients.  One of the center's first clients was a young lady by the name of Linda.  After going through testing and setting up goals for herself, Linda decided it would be necessary for her to revamp her entire wardrobe.  She is normally intimidated by shopping and not sure what to buy or even what style she wanted.  That is where I got to be of service to her.  The Director of Programming, Amy, asked if I would like to join she and Linda for a shopping extravaganza! Would I!?? I was SO excited to be a part of this organization and volunteer to help out in any way I could.  So last Thursday me, Amy, and Linda headed out for a shopping trip to remember! We went to Kohl's and all picked out many different outfits for Linda to try.  She tried on every single piece of clothing we put together, and she even learned how to shop, what she did and didn't like, and she said that she had fun! This was the first time she had gone shopping stress free!
She even let me video some of our adventure with my new Flip.  I put together a little video montage of our outing, and I used music from The Cure since Linda told me she really liked them.
This organization is so near and dear to me, I just had to share it with everyone!! And if you want to read more about Autumn's Dawn or have questions about Aspergers's Syndrome, click HERE.
Here is our video!!

Thank you All!!


Friday, January 7, 2011

Five Ways to Style a Tutu

I would have to say the most commented on piece of clothing that I own is my tutu skirt from American Apparel!! And I understand why because it is quite fabulous I must say!  That is exactly why I decided that I would do my Five for Friday post this week on different ways to style this marvelous skirt. So here we are.

1. A no nonsense way to style this fluffy skirt is with a simple tee.  I picked this one up from Forever 21 and I wear it at least once a week! I am a huge tee fan so this look was easy for me.
(F21 tee and headband, AA tutu, Nine West shoes)

2. I am a huge black and white stripe fan.  I feel like you can pair it with prints and almost any color under the sun.  I liked how it looked with the skirt and a classic black cardi.  I topped it off with a black floppy hat for that girly appeal.
(H&M shirt, J.Crew cardi, AA tutu, Nine West shoes, F21 floppy hat)

3. Mixing rocker pieces with feminine pieces is not a new trend, but it definitely works!  I like the edge of my moto jacket and combat boots mixed with the femininity of the tutu.
(VS jacket, AA tutu, Steve Madden boots)

4. The ever classic white button down! I learned of pairing this with a tutu in the book That Extra Half and Inch by Victoria Beckham.  This is the way I wore my tutu when I took it out for its first outing!
(Express blouse, AA tutu, vintage heels, F21 headband)

5. Another Free People top! Must I explain why this is fabulous?? A lace top and a tutu. Enough said!
(Free People top, Express tank, AA tutu, Aldo shoes)

Would you ever wear a tutu? If so, how would you style it!!???


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sassy Updo Hair Tutorial

Here it is! My very first hair tutorial! I guess it is rather funny that I have done makeup tutorials before hair, but I just love makeup so much too, sometimes it is hard for me to choose between the two.  For this particular look, I wanted to do a curly, somewhat messy look that is super easy to do and then top it off with a sparkly headband for a little girly feel.  I am looking forward to hearing your feedback  and comments. And remember if you have any questions, I am always available to answer!
Thank you all!!

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Outfit Post: Channeling my Inner Boho

If you have been following me for any length of time you know I am insanely obsessed with Free People and it's sister store Anthropologie.  I wouldn't say I am 100% any certain style, but I do like the rocker chic style and the effeminate eclectic style known as boho chic. That is what this look is all about!  I even added a little side braid for an extra touch.   I also stocked up on a few new pieces of Anthroplogie gear over the holidays and I took on my first outfit post done by myself! Yes, that's right. It was me, my tripod, and my Cannon 40D in the middle of the bayou field back behind our community.  I love having my cousin around but we live in different cities so I am not always lucky enough to have her at every second that I need an outfit shot!  So here I am, the first one while flying solo!
I figure I will continue to get better, but I thought it went pretty well for the first go around!

American Rag sweater, J.Crew tank, Anthropologie skirt and necklace, Steve Madden boots


Who else loves boho!!???


Monday, January 3, 2011

Makeup Mondays - Mint for you Eyes Tutorial

I adore using green eyeshadows!  I love to play up my eyes by adding pops of green with my copper hair, but any eye and hair color can pull this sassy look off!  This particular makeup look was inspired by the Holiday catalog by BeBe that I was thumbing through over the holidays.  I couldn't wait to make this video and share it with you all.

Here is the picture that inspired my tutorial.

And here it is!! I have decided to name it Mint for You Eyes. I thought it to be very fitting.  Let me know how you guys like it.  I love to hear your comments, suggestions, and feedback in general.
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After this makeup tutorial I was feeling so video crazy that I decided to do a hair tutorial for Wednesday's post!  I will be doing a hair tutorial on a messy, wavy up do topped off with a sparkly band for an ultra-feminine look you can wear day or night.
Here are the pictures for Wednesday's hair tutorial!

I just ordered a new palette from Urban Decay that features 15 new colors!!!!! I am so excited I can barely stand it!! So, I will have something crazy fun for us next Monday!

Urban Decay's Book of Shadows Vol 3

I hope you guys enjoy and Happy Monday Lovelies!!