Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Outfit Post: Channeling my Inner Boho

If you have been following me for any length of time you know I am insanely obsessed with Free People and it's sister store Anthropologie.  I wouldn't say I am 100% any certain style, but I do like the rocker chic style and the effeminate eclectic style known as boho chic. That is what this look is all about!  I even added a little side braid for an extra touch.   I also stocked up on a few new pieces of Anthroplogie gear over the holidays and I took on my first outfit post done by myself! Yes, that's right. It was me, my tripod, and my Cannon 40D in the middle of the bayou field back behind our community.  I love having my cousin around but we live in different cities so I am not always lucky enough to have her at every second that I need an outfit shot!  So here I am, the first one while flying solo!
I figure I will continue to get better, but I thought it went pretty well for the first go around!

American Rag sweater, J.Crew tank, Anthropologie skirt and necklace, Steve Madden boots


Who else loves boho!!???



Ashley said...

I love Free People and Anthropologie, too! But like you, I don't consider myself dressing in 100% a certain style...I love this skirt! And yes, the boots are FAB!

Taking pictures of yourself can be super challenging. I SUCKED at first, but now I think I'm doing okay for myself! It's actually really fun and you learn what works and what doesn't very quickly.

monichika2 said...

It is always so delightful to play with different styles!

Great pictures by the way!
p.s love the highlights on your hair!

kristine said...

I LOVE the boho chic aesthetic and how you wear it here! Occasionally my style ventures into boho, but I think I'm a little more Anthro/Urban than Free People. But I do love it on other people!

Kristine. Or Polly.

Catita said...

Happu new year sweetie! Lots of health and love!
Love your hair so much! It is super shiny and healthy!

BlueVanilla said...

Im a boho fan! those boots are perfecto!

Fashion Limbo said...

I'd say you are doing pretty well with the picture taking :)
I loooove boho, don't always wear that style but I adore boho inspired trousers shapes, as in flared jeans and wide-legged trousers. Love aaaaaall of them, cannot wait for the trend to be back in full swing and find some decent jeans in stores :)

Bonnie said...

I cannot pull off the boho look. It overwhelms me. The clothes end up wearing me. Sad. You look fantastic, though!


Collette Osuna said...

GORGEOUS!!! woot woot!! Did you see the Free People email showing maxis and minis todays? How cool...I just tweeted about it......you my love, would look fab in both:)

Dahl said...

Amazing boots! Omigosh, I love boho too! Maxi skirts/dresses, thin forehead headbands, butterfly necklaces--all of it. You took these pics yourself?? Nice job!! I wish my self-photos were this good (I also have a crappier camera). Nice post! http://thearcenciel.blogspot.com/

Meagan said...

I love those boots! And I think you did a great job for your first solo shoot! I wouldn't have even known you took them yourself.

Jenna said...

You did great solo, gorgeous gal! And you look amazing. Lovin' the boots as well, my dear. :) :) Hope you're having a wonderful week and great start to this New Year!!


Jodi said...

I love boho.. and just put a pic of a boho outfit on my vision board.. just that my hair makes me look not so boho in my opinion.. but I have learned that I shouldnt listen to myself alot of the time.. lol...

love the skirt and boots... I think if I were wearing a skirt that length though it would end up all shredded at the bottom from me stepping and tripping on it, getting it caught in the escalator etc... lol but guess if I were boho I would be on a horse, not an escalator...
dont mind me... is after-lunch delirium setting in... lOL

Frozen Fashion said...

YOu can fly solo anytime!

OH I just beyond love Free People and Anthropologie!

A visit to Anthropologieis always first on my list when I visit America....... unfortunately not in Canada:(

The peeks of pink delightful!

Twirl Lady Twirl!


Ciao Ciao Bella Donna

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Sharing Lots of Love n Fun!

silvergirl said...

You did a fantastic job for your first solo flight
I adore the colors in your skirt!
The boots are rock'n too
I really like the boho, but for some reason seem to only wear it occasioanally and in the summer.
I need to remedy that!
Love the side braid too.

Kirstin@CrimsonRosella said...

Congrats on your first self-portraits lady! I'm also struggling without my bf to take my outfit photos since we live apart in Canada. It is so hard to get decent self-portraits!
I love your boho look! To me it is a little different from what I am used to seeing you in and it's great! I have been looking for boots like yours for ages, can't seem to find the perfect ones in stores lately!

Zarna said...

i LOVE your new header and this boho look is fabulous on you! i love how carefree and beautiful the skirt is :)

Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

Congrats on your first solo shoot. Things do get easier. Loving your side braid and the distressed detail on your boots.

Natalie said...

I LOVE Hobo! This look is great on you and I love love love the raw shots you took of yourself! Awesome job! <3 Nat

Ninjagaiden78 said...

I like your boots/shoes.


matchboxmuse said...

I love boho! Gorgeous skirt :) Have a great 2011 sweetie.

love, M

Erika of Style Activist said...

Oh! I love boho too! You look so cute in your flouncy skirt. And so love to see that you still did an outfit post even sans your personal photographer ;)

I emailed youu! Let me know if you have anymore questions :)


Kat said...

gorgeous skirt!! love it!!


Pammy said...

Boho looks great on you. Though I think you can pull off any look or style. :P

jemina said...

I do I do, I LOVE Boho so much to :)

You look stunning girl, LOVE the colours, patterns and accessories, and your boots ROCK too!!!


Keep in touch darling

Kiss Kiss

The Style Glossary said...

I love boho so much but literally never wear it! I should really add that to my New Year's Resolutions, wear more boho :)

You wear it wonderfully, and I love that fact that you don't look like you've spent the last 3 days at a music festival. . . which is the road boho can sometimes take . . Loving the boots too! So cute :)

hearts and hugs,

Fuyume said...

I wish i could take solo shots this well. I suck which is exactly why i hardly ever take OOTD pics xx

Dear Girl said...

hey you did a great job here! esp when you swayed! what makes your hair so straight in your new hairstyle?They are fantastic. Yeah i know your style..and hope you keep doing that until we become old.

20 York Street said...

Oh la la, vous etes une femme belle boheme! It's one thing that eludes me, bohemian style.

I love it on you lots! Best Wishes to you in 2011 Angie!


Happy, Happy New Year!


Lee Oliveira said...

Gorgeous look.. I don't see a lot of long skirts around. don't know why? Yours are simply beautiful
Lee x

LyddieGal said...

I adore free people as well and drool over every catalog they mail me, then buy every picece I can find in tjmaxx!

Good luck with your self portraiture, have fun!

jill815 said...

Hi Angela, I'm a new convert to Anthropologie, I have a black flowy sweater from them I just love and I find their prices better than J. Crew. I love this look on you and I especially think your red hair is going to have an influence on me, it looks so foxy on you!

lady sélénite said...

You're so cute ! This outfit is romantic, but also always rock !
Happy 2011 to you !

The Closet Shopper said...

I love your outfit and your style in general. And, of course, your gorgeous hair!!

I take all of my pics solo. I'm too self-conscious to have anyone else take them. My issue is the background. Since I take them where no one can see me, it's hard to find spots like that. At least you aren't a freak like me. I bet that might make it an easier process. haha.


Angga said...

I love this layers, maxi skirt is amazing!! You look totally different from all those glam chic to boho chic!! Great styling!! oh and I do looovvveee free people wish have the money in the world!!

TOPCOAT said...

I love boho!! And your boots :) xx


Lori said...

I love this skirt. Tired and plaid, what more could a person want? May I ask how tall you are? I'm very short so I often wonder about people's height when I see long skirts.
BTW, I plan on posting each time I use a color from my Sephora by OPI gift set, so be on the lookout for some nail color posts :)

MissNeira said...

I love the print! and I love boho!

Miss Neira

Prad Savania said...

Thanks for your comment! Really made my day x

Why not follow my blog to keep up to date with all my latest designs? Take care x


Elissa said...

I am a huge Anthroaholic. That skirt is to die. I really wish I was taller and could wear long skirts without looking like I was five and playing dress-up in my mom's closet. You look fab!


Tashrin said...

anthropolgie is my most favorite store ever. You for one would look fab in every one of their outfits. And how perfect is this boho look, the skirt is fantastic and those boots have just taken place in my heart as dream boots.

Look forward to hearing from you


Tashrin from Toronto, Canada

Dee O. said...

I love love love boho clothing :) And your boots are to DIE for!!! I love them! :) You look great!


Sarah said...

Great outfit! Your hair color is beautiful!

Emily said...

oh my gosh, I love your skirt! I actually just got one at anthropologie and posted it on my blog as well. In addition, I'm also from the Houston area. It's a small world, isn't it?
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