Sunday, October 31, 2010

Links A La Mode

links a la mode

Costume Drama: A Break From All Things Outfit

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It's the Halloween season, when some of us choose to experience the thrill (or horror) of looking nothing like ourselves for a night. For those of you who blog or socially post your outfits, perhaps it's a chance to take a break from the judgmental eye of the spotlight (consider Love Brown Sugar and One More's pieces on the subject) - one night where you turn in "looking good" for looking scary, time period-accurate, or just ... a little sexier than usual. Inspired? Find last minute costume inspiration from Tickle Me Chic and more.
And for those of us who don't celebrate the witching hour, there's still a chance to step away from the closet and remind ourselves that great lingerie, shoes, bags, and jewels can make even a white tee and jeans look scary good.

Links à la Mode: October 28th

Shopbop bags: Clutches, Hobos, Satchels, Totes, Black handbags, Shoulder bags, Women's Wallets

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Yup, with my White Tee

Now, I am not really a simple kind of girl.  I like things overdone, too many accessories, or too many different prints layered atop each other, but for some reason I fell in love with this minimalistic outfit! Of course I couldn't bear having absolutely no prints at all, that is why I opted for the pink leopard scarf of course!  My cousin and I love driving around and finding these old, abandoned buildings to take pictures in.  The harder it is to get into an old building (like say a No Trespassing sign), the more we love it!

So here is what I did with a simple white tee and grey skinnies!

(All Photography by Shan Renee)

F21 tee, UO skinnies, Franco Sarto shoes, scarf given to me by my sister, Metropark bracelet

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Houston Fashion Loves Posh Couture

Last night I was fortunate to attend the Mercedes Benz North Houston sponsored charity fashion show event put on by Houston's very own Posh Couture Magazine.  The fashion show took place at the swanky Venue located downtown on Houston's Main Street and was glamorously hosted by Channel 39's, Mia Gradney.  The event's main purpose was to promote Posh Couture Magazine's  2011 calendar and the local boutiques that participated in it's creation.  All proceeds from the tickets to the fashion show would go to support the charity, Dress for Success which helps provide less fortunate women with the proper professional attire they might need for job interviews and career opportunities.  Attendees were also encouraged to bring any professional attire they may no longer be using to donate to this wonderful cause. So you better believe I had quite a few things to donate since I left my corporate days behind! I attended this fabulous event with my new friend and Houston blogger, Monica Guerrero-Abney of Classy & Fabulous.  We couldn't have had a better time and it was actually our first fashion outing together as bloggers and friends!  

This is a picture of Publisher/CEO of Posh Couture Magazine, Erica Harding in a trendy LBD by Cheeky Vintage Boutique.

Monica sitting in the sweet leather chairs!

Both me and Monica at the show!

As you know, I am usually out and about with my amazing cousin and photographer, Shan, but she was busy working on photo shoots this week, so all the photos were taken by moi! I busted out the tripod again so you could take a look at my complete outfit! I actually bought this dress at UO for $9.99! 

UO dress, Express tights and necklace, Kensie shoes

These shoes deserve their own close up, I have been dying for some purple suede shoes and I found these at T.J. Maxx!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Red Lips Check, Red Dress Check

Like I said earlier last week, I have really been digging this new red lipstick look lately! I wanted to pair my new found red lip obsession with my red dress that I bought last year in Vegas at the Betty Page store.  This dress is almost as good as an LBD (Little Black Dress) although I will refer to it as my LRD (Little Red Dress). 
While recently in Austin with my cuz, we decided to go play around on South Congress. I just love all of the little vintage stores and boutiques as well as the amazing fashion sense that is much more edgy than the Houston fashion I sometimes get bored with.  We also ran across this cute little candy shop that had the most delicious ice cream sodas ever!  I decided on strawberry since I was definitely into my red fashion theme for the day!  
I decided to pair my LRD with a jean jacket and nude heels because I saw Cameron Diaz in a similar ensemble a couple of Glamour issues back.  I am loving the new trend of pairing something so casual like a jean jacket with a dressy dress like this red one.

(Photography by Shan Renee)

Betty Page Dress, J.Crew jean jacket, Aldo shoes, vintage purse from Dennica Pearl, Lipstick Couture necklace

I bought this amazing leopard clutch from Dennica Pearl. She had not even put it up for sale before I snatched it up as fast as I could! You need to check out her blog!

I also wore my pearl necklace that I knotted and made myself. I love this necklace!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Talbots Refresh and Renew?

I know when I say Talbots most of us think of an an older women's store with cashmere twinsets and drab colored trousers, but Alas! I have noticed in many of the recent magazines issues that Talbots has been marketing some rather impressive wardrobe pieces for the fall season. Hiring Linda Evangelista for their Fall campaign was nothing short of genius in order to broaden their buying audience.   After spotting the gorgeous leopard overcoat in my fashion mags, I was intrigued and went online to explore their change in style.  I was shocked to find so many marvelous items on their site and  I am so proud to see that they decided to leave their humdrum ways behind.  Although Talbots seemingly reminds me of a more expensive Ann Taylor, I can honestly say they have really stepped up their game this Fall and blessed us fashion hounds with some great options!  Michelle Obama has been seen trekking around the U.S. in many Talbots ensembles. This coupled with new creative director Jenna Lyon's influence seemed to help J. Crew's image as well over the past couple of years. So, fellow fashionistas, I say we welcome Talbots back with open arms and wallets!

Here are some of the great finds I found.

This gorgeous rosette skirt in a creamy blush color. So glamorous!

Silk rosette skirt $179

Who would've thought you would find these copper, sateen hot pants here? I am obsessed!

Satin ankle pants $119

I am a sucker for sparkle so this sequined jacket is a must have for me!

Grace Fit Sequined jacket $299

A copper and black jacquard dress is Fall fabulous.

Jacquard bow dress $189

You can dress it up or dress it down, I am loving this floor length black, ruffled, tiered skirt.  I might even pair it with a white tee for a casual contrast statement!

Long Ruffle Skirt $199

Leopard is all the rage so why not some animal print ballet flats and tote?

Haircalf ballet flats $119

Leopard flap pocket tote $199

Like I said, I love sparkly so I fell in love with these pink, glittery slingbacks!

Glitter slingback pumps $139

I love this 40's inspired caplet, especially if you wear it to the side. Delish!

Wool tweed cloche $44

A jewel toned python-embossed clutch would be the perfect friend for a night out!

Python-embossed clutch $119

So what do you all think of the Talbot's face lift?? I am so excited, I might start putting together my Christmas list early!

(All photos courtesy of

Friday, October 22, 2010

DIY How to Flip a Chair

Last Saturday I was out in the wee early morning hours with our whole neighborhood participating in our community garage sale.  I was manning our garage for a good 4 hours with some decent cash flow after it was all said and done, but I did have to meander next door to see what my neighbor had out for sale.  Well, I saw these two old dining room chairs that her dad was selling for $35 for the pair.  I am starting to put together my wardrobe room (yes I know it is absolutely ridiculous that my clothes need a playroom, but they do!) and I wanted to have a couple of zebra print chairs to lounge around in when I was putting outfits together.  So, I snatched up the two chairs and came up with a DIY plan to get them into tip top shape for my new room. I have to give my mom most the credit for the DIY plan because she taught me how to change chairs when I was in college and I wanted to change my decor every other week.  She is a wonderfully talented decorator!  I will be doing a post later when my room is completely finished and I hope you guys love it.  It is coming along quite well if I do say so myself! Anyways, back to these chairs!

Here is the chair. It is not very pretty but I thought it had TONS of potential! 

What you will need for this project:
Staple Gun
Spray Paint
A Creative Mind

The first thing I did was unscrew the seat and detach from chair.

Next I had to decide on the fabric that I wanted to use to recover the seats. I chose zebra print! You will see more of why I chose this when I reveal my finished wardrobe room.  I bought one yard of this fabric for $15 and that was enough to cover two chairs.  You will also need your heavy duty staple gun here to staple fabric over all fabric.  Make sure you tuck the sides in well but not too tight or the fabric will look too stretched over the cushion.  Pulling the corners in is the hardest part, but I just keep folding the fabric over itself then staple into place.

After recovering the seat cushion, I went to Lowe's to pick up a can of white flat spray paint.  Then I went to town in my garage!

I let the chair sit for about two hours before I brought it inside.  I then attached the seat cushion back to the chair with electric screwdriver and voila! A custom made chair!

So I am sure you guys noticed the bright blue aqua on the walls! This is the color I picked for the entire room which I know seems crazy, but you will love it when I show you the finished room! I promise!

So at the end of the day I made over two chairs from my neighbor's garage sale for about $60 total. Not bad!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tea Time with my London Lovelies!

I know I mostly always do posts on fashion, but I really wanted to share this with my lovely London friends! As I'm sure you remember, last month I went to London with my husband for work and ever since I cannot stop talking about it. I know I know, I can't believe that I waited until I was 30 to actually cross the pond! What?? Yes, that IS crazy.  Anyways, when I was there I "took tea" every afternoon while my husband was at work.  I absolutely loved it! I would go to the nearest cafe, sit outside, order tea and a croissant and watch all the wonderful passerbys.  I thought I would never want to leave. Maybe it's because you are in a different place and everything is "SO COOL!" All I know is, I wanted to keep taking tea after we got back 3 weeks ago. So, I stopped by Target today, picked up my very first little, black tea kettle and a bag of mini bagels(I was going to buy croissants but they were 300 calories and I am trying to be good), came home and had tea at tea time! I vow that I am going to do this everyday that I am actually home around this time because it is the perfect time out before the start of an evening!

Here is my first Tea Kettle!!

My dogs went nuts when it started steaming! (I should have taken a picture)

I let the tea steep for a few minutes in my favorite mug ever!! One of my good friends gave it to me when I graduated from Cosmetology school, she rocks!

My perfect afternoon snack, YUM!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Me and Socks go Together Like a Burger and Fries

So I have been loving all of the catalogs and magazines lately that I have seen featuring socks with shoes! (And not to mention socks with sandals, peep toes, you name it)  Being inspired by the new sock revolution, I took my happy self down to American Apparel (one of my faves) and bought a pair of ultra, frilly, girly socks.  This whole outfit is seriously put together around these cream, dainty socks.  I do love wrapping all of my belts over my jackets this Fall too.  It really seems to define the waist and make you feel more womanly!

Banana Republic Dress, J.Crew jackets, American Apparel socks, Fendi shoes, Lipstick Couture necklace