Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tea Time with my London Lovelies!

I know I mostly always do posts on fashion, but I really wanted to share this with my lovely London friends! As I'm sure you remember, last month I went to London with my husband for work and ever since I cannot stop talking about it. I know I know, I can't believe that I waited until I was 30 to actually cross the pond! What?? Yes, that IS crazy.  Anyways, when I was there I "took tea" every afternoon while my husband was at work.  I absolutely loved it! I would go to the nearest cafe, sit outside, order tea and a croissant and watch all the wonderful passerbys.  I thought I would never want to leave. Maybe it's because you are in a different place and everything is "SO COOL!" All I know is, I wanted to keep taking tea after we got back 3 weeks ago. So, I stopped by Target today, picked up my very first little, black tea kettle and a bag of mini bagels(I was going to buy croissants but they were 300 calories and I am trying to be good), came home and had tea at tea time! I vow that I am going to do this everyday that I am actually home around this time because it is the perfect time out before the start of an evening!

Here is my first Tea Kettle!!

My dogs went nuts when it started steaming! (I should have taken a picture)

I let the tea steep for a few minutes in my favorite mug ever!! One of my good friends gave it to me when I graduated from Cosmetology school, she rocks!

My perfect afternoon snack, YUM!


Cowbiscuits said...

YAY tea and jam! the perfect combo!
They had those tunics in about 6 colours you can see them on topshop website :)

Oh and the boots came in Brown but sold out within a few days but are coming back in 2 weeks so i will deffo be snapping up a pair - they are SO COOL! :P xxx

Kat said...

hehe ^-^ i love tea!

Diana said...

i love tea and snacks and you just successfully made me want bagels with jam - seriously!

Lynnette said...

Hey, I got my little sampler glasses at , they never had tem at the store!

Marie said...

That bagel is very tempting!:D Cute mug!:D

***** Marie *****

Jodi said...

you are awesome.. I love tea, am not a coffee drinker (love it though!!) nothin like a good 'cuppa' you might even like rooibus tea or chai tea.. !!


Style Activist said...

Can I just say I am such an afternoon snack girl?? I need a new teapot ASAP! The microwave just is not cutting it!

style activist

Marcela said...

Haha, very cool! I´m a big tea fan. I don´t drink coffee and I think tea is so much fun. So many sorts to try, yay! Enjoy your tea times!!!

Times Like Mine

Anonymous said...

Haha, Ang you are adorable. I can't live without my cup of tea, and that is no exaggeration. I think it's an addiction because if I get half way through the day without one I feel like I'm about to die.

I'm visiting New York next year with my best friend, just the two of us, so I can't wait for that! It'll probably be the same thing: I won't want to leave.


arash said...

Aw I'm glad you enjoy a nice cup of tea, did you take back some tea bags with you from London? It's all about tetley's tea! Your mug is cool too!