Monday, June 21, 2010

Cleanse Thy Face

Ladies, let me share my little dark secret with you...  I have battled with my skin for as long as I can remember! From a young teenager and now into my late twenties, I have struggled to keep a clear complexion and have probably experimented with just about every beauty product you could think of! That being said, last Tuesday my Bestie (Queen B) so happened to have the day off and she lured me into a morning that involved a facial at The Aveda Institute in The Woodlands. I previously attended the Cosmetology Program at Aveda so I knew I was in store for an invigorating experience! Since this summer started, I have again battled with my skin in order to reach a dewy, clean complexion that is sometimes hard for me to capture. Well, I had a tremendous experience as the 60-minute Aveda facial I got continued to improve my complexion for over a week afterwards! How exciting!!  Also, I decided to invest the $20 in the facial cleanser that my esthieologist used during my service - the Aveda Creme Purifying Cleanser . This investment has been as satisfying as I would imagine buying my dream classic black and quilted Chanel purse with silver chain strap would be! I used the cream every single evening and it has worked like a charm. I highly recommend it to all of you searching for a new facial cleanser.


MARISA said...

i love the smell of aveda
whenever i use it for my hair, i constantly find myself smelling my hair! haha
i will have to try this out

Lady Lipstick said...

Me too! This face cleanser smells like heaven! Let me know how you like it :)

Delicia said...

I have used the AVEDA skin care line for years and I can say it is worth every dime!