Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Shanna in the City

This past weekend my favorite cuz of all time, Shan (that's what I call her), came down to Houston to go see Sex and The City 2 with me and all my lady friends.  We had a blast and we all highly recommend that you go see the movie, if not just for the stunning wardrobe this movie contains! Well, after our night out on the town, Shan decided she was ready for a new look.  She asked me for big, blonde chunky highlights and she didn't care what else I did as long as she looked blazin' when we were all done. So I began painting on my new blank canvas blonde, panel highlights throughout her hair and finished with an all-over warm, chestnut brown to make the blonde panels underneath pop.  I cut just enough long layers into her hair to capture the movement of her new hue.  I wanted to share with you all our final product!


Shan Renee said...

LOVE IT! THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH! I am freaking in love with my hair! Ladies and gents, Angela is AMAZING! I highly recommend you take a seat in her sassy pink chair! She will rock your socks off!

Delicia said...

i love hair by Deaton!