Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hair on Wednesday - My Favorite Redheads

I am sure you can tell by now how obsessed I am with the color red especially when it comes to hair color!! I love the rich coppery tones that glisten in the sun like a gorgeous shiny penny. That is why I strive to be one! LOL  Well, being in the holiday spirit in all (you know the color red), I thought I would share my list of all-time favorite redheads.

Christina Hendricks from Mad Men, 
need I say more?
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The always gorgeous Amy Adams
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I will always love Ashlee best as a redhead!
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Julianne Moore is a stunning redhead
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Isla Fisher has a deep strawberry blonde 
hue that is to die for!
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New to the Red team my 
beautiful cousin, Shanna

This is my gorgeous redheaded friend Heather.
I have been swooning over her hair for years
now.  Can you believe her copper blonde hair is
all natural!??
And now for the formal unveiling of my new hair color. (This is for you Nina!) My talented friend Yesicca put in some lighter blonde highlights and trimmed up my layers for a new rockerish do!

Who is your favorite redhead??  Would you ever consider going red or leave it to us brave ladies??


fashion_freak said...

Your hairstyle is AMAZING, I love the color and the cut.
My favorite redhead would be Isla Fischer, she's the prettiest and I think her haircolor is still in the "natural" category, although it's tough to stay natural with a red haircolor.
I'd never risk going red, mostly because I'm blond and it might be fatal for my hair, and also because, well, it definitely is for brave people :) xo

classiq said...

When I see lovely ladies such as Amy Adams, Julianne Moore or Isla Fisher I'm beginning to think of the times when I was a redhead. But for now I'll leave this stunning color to you brave girls. :)

Catita said...

woow ANgela! amazing! I'd love to pull it off but you need a light complexion and you've got it girl! Aftre you, my fave redhead is Julianne Moore!

Kirstin@CrimsonRosella said...

You are my fav redhead! Hehe! But really, I love the new layers and the lighter look! I don't know if I could ever go red... I would love to but my blonde is kind of like my trademark so I couldn't get rid of it:)

Mrs. MMM said...

I'm so glad you left Kate Walsh off your list. I can't stand her!

The Style Glossary said...

Yay!!! I'm so glad to finally be seeing photos :) it looks amazing! Loving the layers and the bangs, and obviously the color! Your shade is definitely my favorite out of all the ladies, as it complements your skin tone so well. . . ahhhh, I love it!
Anyways, it is a bummer that we live too far away for you to do my hair and have tea together (haha!)

hearts and hugs,
Nina said...

Your hair looks AWESOME!!! I would love to go Red but don't think it would go well with my skin tone ... Other Red Heads I like are Christina and Julianne

Fashion Limbo said...

very pretty, love it! I used to have a sort of red dye in my hair years ago, and after falling for Florence Welch's (from Florence + The Machine) hair colour I'm considering it more and more.
What's your natural hair colour?

Pammy said...

Loving your new 'do on you. You're rocking it! :P

Michaela said...

I'm a redhead too! My favorite redhead is my best friend, her hair has the most amazing wavy texture and copper tones!

Bonnie said...

I wish I had the face to pull off such a gorgeous hairstyle. You do it effortlessly!

Christina Hendricks has a gorgeous red hue. I would love to put those highlights in my hair.
Amy Adams = So gorgeous and adorable
I think Ashlee Simpson looked best as a redhead. Too bad she didn't keep it!
Isla Fisher is another beauty who looks amazing in anything.


Grit and Glamour said...

I've totally got a thing for redheads...and your hair looks great! I swear, one day in my old age, I'm totally going red.

My fave redheads are Karen Elson, Julianne Moore, and Christina Hendricks.

♥ V
twitter: @gritandglamour

Ninjagaiden78 said...

Christina Hendricks is pretty, but my fave redhead is Angela. Your stylish short hair is beautiful.

Stefani said...

Your hair looks amazing!!
I don't think red would suit me.
My favorites are Isla Fisher and Amy Adams,they're so pretty and they have a beautiful hair!


silvergirl said...

I love the new hair-color
The blond highlights really look great
Another red head with gorgeous locks is Jayma Mays. She plays Emma Pillsbury on Glee.

Dahl said...

Omi-FREAK! This is sooo cute!! I adore gingers (as I like to call them) your new color is the bomb!!! Wow, when I turn 18 i want to get mine dyed red. Hmmm my fave ginger? Amy Adams probably, cuz she was pretty fab in Enchanted, but I also have this red head friend Nathan who's totally adorable, and he would be my next choice!

Frozen Fashion said...

Look at those sexy Red Locks you have.... what are you plotting in that pretty red head of yours?



Gina Marie Vintage said...

Florence Welch is an incredible read head & musician!! Love Isla Fisher...

Gina Marie Vintage

Pervesely Perfect said...

Her name has totally slipped my mind, but I do think you make a marvelous red head! Have a beautiful day darling!!


Anonymous said...

Ashley does look really cute as a redhead! xo

Dear Girl said...

I had my hair done..and the best part is? I was able to convince my husband to cut it short, it was a deal,,,his hair is like a hippie, so we both cut our pony tails! A new hair for the new year and the first tiring month of parenting! wheew!! I was attached to your cousin's hairstyle that you did, but not perms...but w the bangs and short!!!=) and the highlights....=)Thanks for the inspirations=)

Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

Love the new cut. I went red for a while but on my hair it fades to scarlet and then orange, which was not a good look. Maybe some time I'll give it a go again.

Anonymous said...

Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

Fé... said...

Hahahaha. It's funny how people differ in hair color preferences. I'm personally into brunette, I think it's the best color. Red and blonde are big no-nos for me :p

Elissa said...

Christina Hendricks was my inspiration for going red. I colored it back in February and I absolutely love it. It can be hard to maintain, though, so any tips you have would be appreciated!

(P.S: Your hair is gorgeous!)