Sunday, December 19, 2010

Inspirational People - Artist Celia Castle

I wanted to devote Sunday posts to anything inspirational. Whether that be an inspirational subject, person, pictures, art, etc!  This week, I wanted to feature my sister in law, Celia Castle's marvelous artwork that she actually sells on her Etsy shop, Celia's Art.  She is madly talented and I am so blessed and lucky to have her beautiful artwork hanging in my own home! 

This is Celia on her wedding day. I love this picture of her!

I wanted to ask Celia a few questions so you can get to know her a little better and see what inspires her paintings.  She is such a creative person and I find that so intriguing.  I think we are probably both two of the most creative people in our family! I want to thank her so much for doing this and please go visit her site, (HERE) she has so many gorgeous painting to see.

Have you always considered yourself what others would say an "artsy" person?

I attended an arts and science magnet school when I was in middle school but I am not sure I understood what that meant.  When I was in high school, my favorite subject was art and I knew that I wanted to pursue a career where I could express myself.  I have always been me.

At what age would you say you became interested in art?

When I was in the 8th grade, I went to Italy on a school trip for spring break.   At our trip reunion I noticed that my photographs looked different from the other students and my father noticed a difference as well.   My father gave me his Pentax Spotmatic, an old film camera that I treasure to this day.   The camera was my first introduction to photography.

You went to RISD (Rhode Island School of Design, which ROCKS by the way!) for an undergraduate degree in Photography. You are now focusing more on painting, which includes opening your own Etsy shop, Celia art.  Has what you learned in photography carried over into your painting at all, and in what way??

At RISD and many other art schools, all freshmen take the same design, drawing, 3d and art history classes.   You do not start classes in your major until your sophomore year.   Design principles and color harmonies are the same whether it is painting or photography.   I like to think, once you know the rules then you can break them! I believe I started painting because I could immediately see the results of my work.   I can manipulate and feel the paint, rather than take a picture, fix it on the computer and then wait for the print. I enjoy photography and will always enjoy this medium of expression.  I just really like getting my hands dirty in paint too!

How do you come up with an idea when you are starting a new painting?

When I am painting I may be influenced from a new color of paint, a design I saw on a shirt or even something simple as a feeling of calmness from a morning walk.   Lately I am using mostly earth colors with touches of copper, bronze and gold.   I am drawn to the outside…to the trees, sky and landscapes.

Do you do one painting from start to finish all in one sitting?

I have never done that! (haha) My husband is wonderful.  He helps me setup sawhorses outside and I spread 10-12 canvases out at once to paint my backgrounds.  I normally spend one or two days painting backgrounds, then bring them into my studio and start details on individual paintings.

Do you work on more than one painting at a time?

In my paintings I build layers upon layers of color, texture and pattern.   I work on many paintings at once moving from section to section developing the layers on each painting.   I began using this process so each layer can dry before I work on top of it.   Sometimes the outcome is unexpected and happy accidents take on new meanings.

What are your favorite types of mediums to use?

I am fond of acrylic paint because it dries quickly and I can add many textures to it.   I have recently started playing with an oil paint that is water-soluble.   The colors are amazing!

You are also an art teach to in Birmingham, Alabama (not to mention teacher of the year last year!) What is your favorite art project that you have taught to date?

I enjoy any projects that are extremely hands-on.   We painted on top of bubble wrap in 3rd grade and my 5th grade students are painting on canvas.  They love it! Many students have not been exposed to artist materials such as canvas and acrylic paints.

Have any of your school art projects affected your paintings outside of work?

For three years I was the art teacher at a countywide special needs school.   This experience had an enormous impact on my personal work. It is easy for us to take our sight and perceptions for granted. I created projects that taught each child in a personal way given their disability.  Each student could participate.   That is where I started painting on bubble wrap and Legos… which I use in all almost all of my paintings.

Here are some of her pieces that are available right now! I have my eye on this first one. HAHA!!


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LOVE the first one and the technique is fabulous I might try it! Thanks for inspireing me <3

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wow, these paints are gorgeous!

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Thanks for sharing her with us!! I'm checking out her etsy shop right now

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Her pieces are so pretty!!!!

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Great interview! I love seeing and getting to know people who are passionate about something, and end up making a career out of it!

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it was great reading about her! she's very pretty and artistic! =)

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very interesting interview!
I love the way she works with layers and patterns

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Very nice interview. She's pretty and talented. :)

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Hi ELL! such an inspiring post-- your sis-in-law is awesome! I also love using acrylic, and I just knew that there's the Oil Paint that's water soluble which I wanna try to find out! I just sent all my oil paints to my brother since they are messy to deal with ( oil soluble) . I love the last one a lot! I am also sending you an e-mail. =)

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