Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sweet Saturdays

I was trying not to pick comments from the same people but I just couldn’t help but put this one up from Jodi! Seriously, she is one of the funniest people I know! I can only imagine how much fun I would have with her if we could actually hang out in person!

That is one cool belt if you ask me.. could it double as a tube top? Hell if people wear skirts as tops why not belts? thats one thing I do not yet own is sequins.. i can just imagine me with them.. would be the same as nail polish.. would last all of 5 minutes before its chipped or smeared. Sequins would be all over the floor and getting caught in the door, on the sidewalk around me, falling into my coffee cup... oh what a scenario. BUT YOU.. you are so elegant in this!! VERY nice!!! love the pics too!! xxo J

I just love this comment because who doesn’t love Aerosmith!!! It’s sweet and to the point! I can just hear him saying it out loud as he typed it out!!

I like the Aerosmith Tee, nice. 

I love Jenni because she is so dang cute! If you haven’t visited her blog yet you must!!  Plus in her comment she just puts it out there that she doesn’t have any idea what arm warmers are but she still appreciates the whole look! She rocks! Thanks Jenni!

I LOVE that first outfit. TO DIE FOR!! Right down my ally. And can you believe it, I have never heard of these "arm warmers!" Perhaps that's why I don't run a fashion blog. ;) Btw, I love your new blog header!! :) You look HOT! ;)


silvergirl said...

The people with the great sense of humor always stand out!!!
You will probably always pick the same people.
I agree, Jodi is a hoot.

Jenna said...

Oh sweet goodness, I have missed so darn much. I am looking back through the posts and thinking. I SUCK. I HATE SCHOOL. BEING MIA ON THE BLOGOSPHERE IS SO LAME. GRRRR! But anyway, I will sum some things up.

Girl, that sequined belt is TO DIE FOR. As is the rest of the outfit, but the belt? I think you need to FedEx is to me. hehe...jk! (Or am I...? ;)

The hair! I am so excited to see this, since it is such a big piece of your life. The girl looks fab. You're amazing, love.

And this post is so cooool! Such a fun idea to feature comments and such. I <3 Saturdays what a PERFECT way to cap the week?! Yay!

You're a doll, and I miss you friend. Talk soon!


Zabrinah said...

Hehe. I love this post! It's really great!!!! Thanks for bring some joy to my weekend!


Bonnie said...

Ahhhahahah, that cupcake looks amaze-balls!!!!!!!

Dahl said...

Haha these are hilarious!! They crack me up. My fave is probably the one from Jodi, that whole imagined sequin scenario is pretty funny!