Thursday, July 8, 2010

Proud Mary

I was so excited when Natalie's Aunt Mary called me up to do her hair because she saw how beautiful and luxurious Natalie's hair is.  I met with Mary beforehand to discuss where her hair was at the time and where we were going.  She loves the length on her hair but she wanted a bunch of layers so that she could have big, sexy hair!  She wanted to stay blonde but add a little more depth to the current color she had and of course cover all of her gray!


So after much contemplation and more thought after that, I decided what our plan of action would be!  I was going to keep Mary's base color close to what it already was but cover 100% of gray on her root area.  After this, I put a caramel highlight in and a darker golden brown to break up the color.  We let this  all sit and after rinsing, I toned it all over with a super light honey blonde.

After our color processing was done, I cut Mary's hair to get the dead ends off and then cut tons of layers throughout her hair especially in the back.  I also added some face-framing layers and we swooped her bangs across her forehead to soften her look.  I finished with a round brush and a final spritz!


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