Thursday, May 27, 2010

Autumn's Transformation from High School Graduate to Chic Sophisticate

A couple of weeks ago my dearest, little sister came to me and decided that she needed a whole new look! You see, she was about to be done with high school, and she felt it was time to grow up! (By this she meant she wanted a new hair color, hair style, new clothes, make-up and a pedicure!) Wooh! Well good thing I am her personal stylist and I was up to the challenge. After our consultation yesterday afternoon, Autumn told me she wanted to be three things: Blonde, Grown-Up, and a High School Graduate.  So we started our 3 hour journey with highlights, a new haircut, and a little make-up to spice things up.  I wanted to share our journey with all of you so you can get in on some of the fun we had yesterday!

Autumn received face-framing highlights all over, as well as a new, cropped bob for her summer vacation.  I used just a touch of eye-shadow, mascara and blush.  The rest was Autumn’s pure beauty shining through. I am so proud of her and we had a blast creating her new, sophisticated look as she embarks on her life as a twenty-something!

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Anonymous said...

Great makeover!! You did an absolute fantastic job! (Angie's Aunt Mary)