Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Work watcha MAMMA gave ya!

Hello Ladies of the Lipstick! I’m so excited to share with you our new post that’s dedicated to MOMMY’S! We have received many requests to showcase stylish outfits and wardrobing ideas for moms that are both age appropriate, stylish and that will compliment your new mommy figure! Whether you are back to your pre-baby weight or you are still on your way, you will be sure to find a style that is perfect for you! Most moms I know have the same challenges with their wardrobing feeling that they look frumpy and feel overwhelmed with not having the time to pamper themselves like they did before. We know that all their time is spent tending to their new bundle of joy, but that shouldn’t make you feel guilty for wanting a second for yourself! Well I’m here to tell you that with a small amount of time and an ounce of creativity, you can revamp your current wardrobe to look like a bombshell mom in no time! After researching some of my favorite celebrity moms, I found some awesome ideas to help you gals out! My favorite celeb moms are none other than Kourtney Kardashian, Jessica Alba, and Reese Witherspoon. These ladies not only dress age appropriate but mom appropriate too! And NO they do not don the infamous “mom jeans” that Jessica Simpson tried to pull off not too long ago. Bleh, I’m still trying to get that image out of my head. Anyhow, whether you’re throwing on something to run errands, meet for a play date, or have a hot date with your hubby you are sure to look amazing without the effort! Don’t you think I forgot about all the working moms out there! I have something special for you guys too! Going Casual: When you need to run around town with your brood and you want to keep it casual and (most importantly) comfortable, try going for these simple yet classic looks.

- Basic Tee: You can find these relatively inexpensive and in any variety of colors that compliment you best (scoop neck, vneck, boatneck, etc.) - Skinny Jeans: If skinny jeans aren’t your cup of tea, try wearing boyfriend jeans. They are super comfortable and very svelte! - Shorts: Yes! Shorts!! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not talking about daisy dukes here! Some things need to be left to the 14 year olds! I’m talking, trendy, casual, yet sexy shorts that are at an appropriate length! Grab a pair on your next shopping trip. The picture of Kourtney Kardashian is a great example of how they should be flaunted! - Ballet Flats: You can find these anywhere right now! I would suggest getting something simple and in a basic black. - Accessorize: Adding a light weight scarf is a wonderful way to camouflage any tummy insecurities you may have. You can also add stylish Sunglasses; when you’re having a rough day with lack of sleep, adding shades to your outfit is a great way to hide your look of exhaustion! Lastly, you can always don a denim jacket of some sort; it adds versatility to your outfit! It’s always good to keep this on hand in your backseat; you never know when you need to throw one on for a chilly store!

Date Night: When you are blessed with an evening alone with your honey, you want to make sure you look your best! Let’s get this straight, not only for him but for yourself too! You deserve a night out and to get dolled up, you will feel like your old self before you know it! Here’s how to start looking fabulous.

- Dress: Try going with a floral print, it’s the go to print this summer and will leave you feeling romantically in love with your man….AND your new style! - Outerwear: If you find yourself a new dress that feels like it shows a little too much skin, you can always rely on a cardigan to sweeten up the look. Also, adding a sleek blazer adds a sophisticated touch too! - High Heels: I know most moms have let your high heels collect spider webs by now, but it’s time to dust them off and put them on for an evening! High heels are your go-to item if you want to instantly feel confident and attractive! - Accessorize: Adding sweet pearls or even a nice bangle bracelet to your dress will make you feel put together without any effort!

Workin’ 9-to-5: This is for all my working moms! On top of being a homemaker, you have to report to a job everyday outside your call of duty at home! Who says you can’t look stylish and professional at the same time? I say you can, and here’s how…

- Slacks: Ladies, this is important! You will want to take the time to try on different styles and brands of slacks. I don’t think you have to buy the most expensive pair, but I do think splurging a little is a must. I have owned less expensive pairs of slacks that did me NO justice! Taking the time to find a nice, well tailored pair of work slacks will make you look pounds thinner! - Blazer: This is totally optional, but well tailored blazers give your silhouette a slimming shape, and could hide any insecurity you may have. - Blouse: Wearing a nice shell top is always grand, but you have a great opportunity to mix it up here if you want. You can wear a bright colored top, sleeveless or not, with the right accessorizes you will look sophisticated and fabulous in no time! You can also wear a crazy print/pattern and throw your cardigan or blazer over it to tone it down a notch for the office. Get out of your blasé box and live a little! - Flats/Heels: Here is where you can wear what is best for you! Depending if you are sitting all day long, or if you have to run marathons at work, you may want to choose the ladder of the two. Retailers are now selling low heel pumps that are super stylish and very practical! A few of my favorite places to find trendy yet affordable pieces are Macy’s, TJ Maxx, Kohl’s, and NY & Co. I hope you enjoyed this post! Please do NOT hesitate to give feedback on upcoming topics you would like to learn more about! Stay Stylish Ladies!


Debs said...

Love these last 2 posts! I already have some of these things in my wardrobe but hadn't thought of putting them together the way you suggested. Brilliant!

QueenB said...

Debs - I'm so glad you liked this! It's so hard to spice up your daily wardbrobe! It just takes some creativity and you will have a new wardrobe in no time!