Thursday, October 14, 2010

Houston Fashion Week Day Three

We got to Houston Fashion Week crazy early yesterday because we were told the press was going to be insane! So, we pretty much showed up two hours early to claim out favorite spot right smack in the front of the runway.  We sat there for so long our tooshies actually fell asleep, I swear!

First up was our very own, Chloe Dao, whom I completely adore! Her designs were whimsical and fun while the models happily strutted down the catwalk with colored balloons and huge smiles.  The whole feel of the collection was merry and pleasant as opposed to the usual serious model faces we are all used to seeing on the runway.  Chloe walked out with all of her models for the final walk through and accepted a beautiful bouquet of stunning flowers.

(All Photography by Shan Renee)

I absolute love this jumpsuit! I really want to get it!!

Second up was Toni Whitaker who combined elegant gowns with less formal dresses and ensembles that radiated with bright sunny yellows and crisp whites.  There were quite a few Mad Men-esque looks including wiggle dresses and blazer/pencil skirt pairings.

Irina Shabayeva, the winner of the sixth season of Project Runway had quite a collection to show us.  There were quite a few pieces in her collection and it was hard to narrow down the pictures to share with you, but somehow I did.  Her pieces were definitely more on the elegant side and incredibly feminine.

The show was a huge success and we had a ball! Tonight we will be attending the other Houston Fashion Week going on. I know, it is pretty crazy to have two going on at the same time, but oh well!  Check back tomorrow for more fabulous pics!


Kat said...

i love all the outfits but my favorite is definitely Irina Shabayeva's first dress. its so beautiful!

Venoma said...

I love those dresses form Irina Shabayeva, they are apsolutely adorable :))))



Veronika said...

love these pics! I love Irena's designs

Fashion Rehab said...

omg, i love all the outfits, they are cute and colorful!!

great post i must say :)

Fashion Rehab said...

ps: following :), nice blog. sorry for another comment lol

TOPCOAT said...

Amazing looks! Hope you're having a great time xx

Pammy said...

I like the white dress by Irina Shabayeva! :P

For a while I thought one of the models was you. The 6th model from Toni Whitaker's collection. :D

Vicky K. said...


(new post: Paloma and me & follow me)

Collette Osuna said...

AWESOME pieces glad you are having a blast!!!

Lynnette said...

I love Irinas red, and white dress.

Trishna said...

OMG I loved almost every single floor length gown here, but the berry one really stole my heart.

As for the wardrobe makeover, I'll do a post quite soon about the process. :)

How many items do you have in your closet????

Love from Toronto, Canada

Marissa said...

I love your blog! I'm so glad I found it.

I'm drooling over the first collection you photographed. Gorgeous!

Consider me your newest follower :)

Zarna said...

the first photo is my favorite!!!


fia said...

Hey! I loved watching your video its soo original and glamorous!

(I'm your latest follower :D ) said...

Ugh. I've been so sick and tired (literally) this past week, and feel like all my favorite blogs posted their best stuff around this time. Time to do some catching up!

With that said, nice pics. I love the black/white evening dress that's shorter in front in particular. And I love seeing fashion week from the perspective of a city other than Paris or NYC. As much as I love the big names, it's great to see what up and comers and more localized artists do too.

Thank you so much for sharing these.

PS, AWESOME new banner lady!

Anonymous said...

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TOPCOAT said...

Amazing looks! Hope you're having a great time xx