Friday, September 3, 2010

A Giveaway for one of my Lovely Followers!!

Although I still consider myself somewhat new to the blogosphere, I am still ecstatic to have followers!! (YAY!!)  I wanted to share a little prize with one of you (I will draw a person at random using for being a part of the Lipstick Community. As you know, I just released my hand-made jewelry line on Etsy and whoever wins the prize will get to pick one piece of jewelry (your choice of course) and I will send it to you! I hope you are all as excited as I am and good luck!

Here is how it will work:
1. You HAVE to be a follower of Everyone Loves Lipstick with either Bloglovin'(click here to follow) or Google.
2. Put your email in your comment.
3. Let me know what you like about the blog and maybe suggestions on other topics, etc you would like to see on the blog.
4.  I will keep the contest open until next Friday September 10th and then using the random number generator draw a winner!

Here are some of the pieces the winner will have to choose from! 
And Click HERE to see all of the pieces available at my Etsy Store.


Jenna said...

Okay, um...I would so love to win this! favorite thing about the blog is your personal style posts. I'm still in love with that dress you wore the the market!! Fingers crossed...your Etsy stuff is gorgeous!!! I am following on pretty much know this though... :)


TOPCOAT said...

I've been following you on bloglovin for a while, now following on google! I really like your blog, but for some reason I haven't seen your Etsy store until now.. I am a fan! I would be really interested to know what inspires your jewelry!



Kirstin said...

Oooh this is exciting! First, I love your sassy photoshoots! They are very creative! Second, I love your jewelry line.

A said...

1, i'd be crazy to not follow your blog. 2, i love love love your sense of fashion, so therefore i adore your outfit posts! even just the look of your blog is very attractive to the eye, so more props to ya.

nice giveaway! i'll be having mine soon so you'd better join!

Collette Osuna said...

Ohhh myyy....
You KNOW I am ALL over this one!!
Im a jewelry "junkie" are fab dollie!!

Ill take the earrings, and a necklace and of course whatever else youve made!!! lol....Id love to win anything:)

Sooo cool you are doing this now...congrats hunnie!! I of course, follow you on Google....:)

BTW..I wouldnt change a thing rock your have an awesome sense of style...and you take the best are a gem:)

Heather said...

So so pretty! I adore all your bright happy photos! I would love to see more personal style posts! Cheers!

heatheranne99 at gmail dot com

Dear Girl said...

I never wear lisptick but i'm here as a follower=) Hope I can win any of these!-- I don't think I have anything to suggest, your site is great!

Cowbiscuits said...

wow awesome giveaway!
I love your blog your photos are divine i wish so bad (and I'm totally jealous of people who are good at photography).

my emails is

Daiane said...

hey, how cool is this?
i'm now following with bloglovin sweetie!

about your blog... my favorites are the outfit posts, definitely!

kisses from

TaylorCristen said...

Im so glad to be following your blog! I just adore all your OOTD photos. Your pictures are great!!

Thanks for doing the giveaway!

Jennifer and Sherry said...

what a cute collage!

Jennifer & Sherry

Mrs. MMM said...

I want to win a fabulous Angela piece!

I love EVERYTHING about ELL! But your carnival pics are my fave. they inspired me to drag my 9 month preggo photographer to our state fair and have some fam pics taken! (She went into labor the next day!)
PS. I'm one of your first followers ;)

Gina Marie Vintage said...

lovely shop!! the spike necklace is beautiful. i think the photos you take of your jewelry are done with great taste!

Gina Marie Vintage

**Last day to enter my GMV Ring GIVEAWAY!

thedesertfox said...

I'm a follwoer through google connect! I love especially the composition of your photos-- must have a good photographer around ;)

I loveeee the spike necklace!

thedesert foxx @

valeff said...

I'm following (officially, I guess - I've been reading since the start, of course).

I like the makeup and hair posts. I, of course, love all the pics taken by Shan, as well. What a great resource to have! :)

Love ya'!

Anonymous said...

I'm following you on Google and I like how different one of your outfit posts can be from the other. eg. one moment you're wearing a pretty lace dress/top and the next minute a long and colourful maxi. At least I think it was a maxi lol... I suck at remembering stuff.


Ashley said...

Me me me! I follow on Google. Ashley, twoeyesinthemirror [AT]

Keep doing what you're doing, because it's working! Yours is probably one of my favorite blogs of the moment. And I like your jewelz, too.

Anonymous said...

Great post! You should definitely follow up to this topic?!?

Kat said...

Ohhh yey! Your jewelry are wonderful! For suggested topics, how about jewelry you hate? or lipstick that never works for you? it should be interesting :)

katch05 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I am wondering exactly what Austin will say with this???

Warm Regards