Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Gucci Belt Bag....A Must Have!!

Ok, so as we told you before, Natalie is the shoe hussy and I am the label hussy. I have a weakness for labels, but as I realize they are very expensive, I will really hone in on the items that I think are absolutely worth their price!
The Gucci Belt Bag has been around for a few years now, and I know you are thinking why in the world would I buy a fanny-pack? Didn't those go out in the early 90s? Well they did, but the Gucci Belt Bag is an amazing alternative to the purses the cross body purse. You know the purse you carry when you are going to be on the run and you don't want to carry your huge, clunky, tote?? Now if you need one more stamp of approval before you are convinced, then I have it for you. Sarah Jessica Parker (My favorite actress ever!) wore it throughout most of Season 4 of Sex and The City. I looked for the belt bag while I was as the Houston Galleria this past weekend, and it retails for $465 and it is 9 in W and 5 in H.  There are a few other sites that sell it for a discounted price, but I am always skeptical of sites that put designers on sale just because if you are going to splurge for the new designer handbag, you better dang sure know it is authentic!!

Here is the link to the Gucci Online Store:


Shan Renee said...

Love this bag! I don't think I noticed it on the show! I love your eye for fashion!

everyoneloveslipstick said...

Thanks woman!! I am hoping to get this bag soon!! Come on 30th Birthday get here already!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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