Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Finding the perfect swimsuit AND looking good in it!

Over the weekend the "party pooper" fairy paid me a visit. She thumped me on the head with her discouraging wand and said "Natalie, do you realize it is the middle of May and you are not bikini ready?!" As the sound of this made me want to regurgitate my afternoon meal, I held it down and kept my cool because I knew this didn't have to be discouraging news but a wonderful opportunity to kick myself in shape! On the other hand, I quickly realized that I am in dying need of a new swimsuit! Although my favorite suits from last year are adorable, they do not look very flattering after the wear and tear they've been through from my many tanning sessions under God's big beautiful sun!
So here comes the dreadful part that us ladies avoid at all cost....SWIMSUIT SHOPPING! A series of questions bombard my mind before I begin this journey...So where do I begin? What's "in" this summer? What style flatters my shape best? And most important to me, what is this going to cost me? All of these questions help me conquer my quest in finding the perfect swimsuit for me! Another thing that helps, is taking a girlfriend with me to try on suits. Although you are your worst critic, it helps to take a close friend with you to help in making the decision. Most of the time, this helps build your confidence because your friends will help you realize that the small amount of "side boobs" you've got going on, doesn't actually exist to the rest of the world....don't be so hard on yourself!! Sheesh!
So here's to us ladies who are taking the plunge on strutting a swimsuit in the near few months!
Now it's time to get in shape! My fitness magazine this month (:ahem: featuring SATC's Kristin Davis) debuts their article "Bikini-Ready in Just 4 Weeks"! It'll be life changing! Take the challenge with me! While you visit them on their website http://www.fitnessmagazine.com/, you can also check out their article on finding the best swimsuit for your body shape!
Now for you gentlemen who are reading this....please bring your lady home flowers and chocolates, she'll deserve it after all the stress she'll be putting herself through to look good this summer!
Best of luck to all of you! Feel free to comment below on your progress! I'd love to read it!! :)

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