Monday, February 14, 2011

Inspirational Lovlies - Artist Monica Guerrero-Abney

I first met Monica through email since I realized from her blog that she lived in the Houston area. One email was all it took.  We became fast friends and I consider her one of my closest friends now.  She is honestly one of the most genuine, sweetest people I have had the pleasure of being around.  She has an amazing fashion blog, Classy & Fabulous, and also runs her own art business on Etsy. (Visit her HERE)
I could not wait to share her fabulous work with you all and her interview so you can get a quick glimpse into her inspirations and passions.  
Monica gave me these two painting for Christmas. I was totally surprised! She made sure they matched my wardrobe room perfectly, and they most definitely DID!!

Now let's get to know Monica:

Have you always been artistic even at a young age?

Yes! Since I can remember I always had to be drawing or painting or creating something. I’m guessing it started as a child to keep me entretain. I was an only child for 11 years and as every only child knows we get bored very fast, drawing and painting was always something that keep me occupied for hours and I really enjoyed.

What was your first piece?

Honestly, I can’t remember (sorry) I ALWAYS draw or paint and started experimenting with acrylics, watercolors and pastels when I was about 10. My parents have a few paintings from back when I was 12 – 13 years old. Also when my brother was moving into my old room he and my dad found some fashion sketches that I drew when I was about 11.

How have your painting evolved over time?

 I remember as a kid sketching everything and anything, I didn’t really had any technique. When I was in middle school, I remember learning about post impressionism, Impressionism, cubism and pop art; that truly change my life. I felt in love with ‘starry night’ by Vincent van Gogh ( just like everyone who’ve seen it, It is truly Brilliant! ) and start to paint with a more of an impressionist or even some times pop art – ish technique. Later during my high school and even college year I was obsess with panting flowers and vegetables. Now I’m having a fashion / European obsession I guess.

Have you always been interested in painting fashion pieces?

Fashion has always been one of my favorite things to either sketch or paint.  I have been sketching clothing since I was a little girl. Even as a little girl I made sure all my Barbies had the best outfits. Recently I started to sketch more for my blog. There you can see how my sketching technique has changed in only one year.  Also lately with my fashion / European obsession (lol) I been painting many pieces inspired by fashion in a pop art style, such as hand bags and the iconic Chanel no 5

Speaking of fashion, you run your own fashion blog, Classy & Fabulous (which is fabulous by the way); what made you decide to get into the fashion blogging industry?

Awww Thank you! Well I have always been obsess with fashion. A little more than a 1 years  ago I was watching E! news ( please don’t judge me) during fashion week and they mention how huge the influence of bloggers was getting in the fashion community. Ok so at first I had no idea what a blogger was ( again please don’t judge lol ) so I went on line and read a few blogs. I notice that not many had tips on how to dress or look good wearing something, It was mostly pictures of them self at parties wearing fabulous clothes (mostly because it was during fashion week) . So I decide to just write one with little tips on how to wear a trend or with simple things as the essentials for your closet.

Do you prefer painting to blogging?
To be honest I love both but painting is so much deeper! I love blogging and communicating with fellow ‘fashionistas’ who also appreciate the art ( yes! it’s an art) of fashion, but painting comes from the heart.

What mediums do you like to work with most?
I’m very old school. Well I guess it is more than I don’t have any art education ( boo!) so anything with computers I have no idea how to do. My favorites are acrylic and watercolor! Simple and so much fun!

Where do you gather inspiration for colors, etc?

I can’t really tell you were my inspiration comes from, I wish I could, but for me it’s the oddest thing;  I get an idea on my head and I just have to create it. My use for bright colors I’m guessing is my child like spirit and I mean bright colors can always bright your day! =)
What projects are you working on now that you would like to share with us?

Right now I’m working with Life + Dog magazine as a fashion editor. Hopefully still working on C& F and as always painting =)

Don't forget to visit Monica on her blog and her Etsy store!!!

Here are more FABULOUS pieces by Monica!

This girl is talented!!



Fashion Rehab said...

Wow, that's what I call talent. My favorites are the top and bottom one.

Fashion Rehab

Anonymous said...

OMG you are the sweetest person EVER! I'm so glad we met. Thank you for everything =)

p.s you'll be getting a a new one soon!!!!

stacey margaret said...

Wow these are lovely. A little birdy told me that you had a tutorial of how to dye extensions? Do you think that I could have a link to that post if this is true?


classiq said...

She really is talented. I love her blog. The first two paintings are amazing. said...

What an artist! I Like what I am seeing. Thanks for introducing us to her, Angela :)

diyraven said...

Hey!! I'm always amazed at all of the beauty + talent that you show off from Houston - I just simply adore her first 2 paintings especially. If the offer is still open, I would DEFINITELY love to meet up with you ladies for a Houston meet-up someday :)))

And yep! I look forward to having videos and diys available, but it's still a work in progress! Thank you for your patience + wonderful comments along the way doll :)

Look forward to more 'Boho Chic' <3
raven (formally

VeRo! said...

great!!!!! :D


Fuyume said...

I adore the breakfast at tiffanys one its so cool and would look gr8 in my bedroom - she's super talented xx

Collette Osuna said...

Shes fabulously talented

Stop by and say Hello:)
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Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

So cool that you guys have got to know one another. Great interview.

jill815 said...

I love the Eiffel Tower picture. Angela, I've missed you! How is your new job going?

Diana said...

so beautiful! great interview i lovvve her work!! xo

silvergirl said...

enjoyed your profiled guest
is she the one that did that cute sketch of a lucky blogger around
Christmas time??
Hope you are still enjoying your new job

Erika of Style Activist said...

What a talented artist! I love the chanel bag painting.

I honestly didn't read much of this post just because I was so anxious to say hello to you - I miss you, doll! I am back from NYFW and while I had the best time of my life - I am SO glad to be back in the swing of things - catching up with friends... LIKE YOU!!!!!

How are you? I am sure you are so busy with the new job. I honestly should just be e-mailing you...

Fill me in on life! I want to hear it all :)


Ninjagaiden78 said...

I like the paintings.

lady sélénite said...

sweeeeeeet !

Dear Girl said...

how are you doin? Ive missed you! The interview is interesting! I like her art, they are very impressionistic.=)She's talented indeed!

Jodi said...