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Hair Trend: Dark Roots, Light Ends

I think it has been a little harder for a hairstylist like me to except this new dark to light color trend (also known as ombre) that has been spotted all over magazines, celebrities, and models alike.   You see, the reason I had such a hard time with this trend is because all I can remember in Cosmetology school is trying to get the foils as close to the scalp as humanly possible.  Honestly, it was like a contest between all the students.  In fact, we used to have contests! Who could get the foil closest to the scalp with the most amount of foils in the least amount of time!? If only I would have known that two years later everyone would be sporting dark roots! Wow, that makes things a lot easier on us!  Anyways, I have come to cherish the look immensely over the past few months, but I’m not going to lie, I resisted this trend for quite some time.   I remember some of my other friends in school coming back from a beauty show talking about how the new "thing" was not putting foils all the way to the roots.  I kept saying ,”What!?? NO WAY!!!” But lo and behold, here it is!

Take Alexa Chung for example.  It seems as if anything Alexa does, we are ok with, and why should her hair be any different? I think it works on her because the shades are not too many levels apart in color. Her dark roots and lighter ends are a definite contrast, but not overly dramatic. This would definitely be easier to sport if you are not a dramatic color lover!

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Rachel Bilson has been showing off this trend for as long as I can remember.  Even as far back as her OC days.  Her particular take on this trend steers more toward the natural side like Alexa's.  It is definitely a beached, sun-kissed look.

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Although Drew Barrymore’s ends are rather light, it still works with her skin tone and light hazel eyes.  

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In this particular color choice, Drew took drastic measures in her color choices going from a baby blonde to an immediate change in color to stark black.  I appreciate the art in the color work. What do you all think of this look on her?

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Jessica Biel’s colors are not too heavy in contrast and as a result they look more natural instead of intentional.
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Now, you know I have seen every single episode of Sex and The City at least 5 times over and I think a it doesn’t matter how SJP wears her hair, I am always a fan!

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I must have missed the point in Ashlee’s hair career when she did this.  The dark roots and lighter ends on Ashlee is a huge color contrast.  Her root color is a deep dark brown almost black, while her ends are super light brown.  I do prefer her as a redhead, but she looks gorgeous no matter what she does! What do you think of the trend on Ashlee?

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I did a project on a famous hairstyist in the UK named Trevor Sorbie while I was in Cosmetology school.  He contributed many ideas to the hair industry but one of the things I kept noticing in the pictures of his work were the dramatic changes in color. Talk about abrupt. There is no gradual change in Sorbie’s color work, it goes from dark brown to light blonde with nothing in between.  What do you say, would you do a gradual color trend like our celeb inspirations or a dramatic color job from Trevor Sorbie like the picture below??

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Veronika said...

i love love love this look and have been progressively making my hair more ombre. I only dye it every 5 months or so so I sort of get that look with my roots coming in and then lighter ends. LOVE it! so low maintenance and gorgeous :) The VS models have been doing this trend for quite some time too :)

vonnie said...

Sarah Jessica and Jessica Biel look good/fine but the rest look horrible :-/ I can't agree on the Alexa chick at all, looks like it needs to be washed and dyed. loooove the Trevor Sorbie photo!

Anonymous said...

idk so much about this trend, Aimee from Song of Style kinda sporting something like this, and I really like the look on her, but personally I dont think I can do this, I've been wanting to dye my hair lighter but will continue the treatment as soon as the roots get darker, my hair have the tendency of getting redish black at the end but darker color on the roots, so all I want to do is getting it an even lighter red color..hmmmm too much maintainance perhaps... (sorry too much mumbling to myself)

Dear Girl said...

i thought Drew was naturally blonde?..this is what i don't like when natural hair color is separated and showing up ... this is a high maintenance job... but if I were in this sit, i will follow it up with dying than to look uhmmm, just the kind I don't like=)thank you so much for the hair advice for me!! gosh i can't wait to look new!!!

LahTeaDah said...

Sarah Jessica is by far the best one there.... However I must agree this style/trend {if you will} is sorta making me want to loose my dressers number and let the roots GROW GROW GROW... while I spend my savings on CLOTHING! Ha Ha

Yours Truly

read me:

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Meagan said...

I actually like a little root showing, not a lot, but I'm not trying to hide the fact that I dye my hair. Might be different if I were older and had grey hair though. And believe it or not, I had that exact black and blonde style Drew has in the second photo when I was about sixteen. Loved it at the time...not sure I'd do it again!

Carmen said...

Cute style, but that has always been normal in blonde girls, who have darker roots than the ends... Kisses!!

M said...

I love this look, especially on SJP. I saw it in a beauty feature with Leighton Meester in Marie Claire. When I asked the hairdresser to do it for me she was totally confused, didn't know what I meant, but we got there in the end!

Maya • Fashion Illustration blog said...

Oh my, you have no idea how much trouble am having with this. I want to do this, as its so cool and low maintenance, but can't find a hairdresser I trust to do this good... and this is not something you can fake to well. :-)))


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Collette Osuna said...

I think it looks cool, but id never do it, lol:)

Thanks for your soooo sweet words today, I luv u too!

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Kate said...

Wow I love these pictures!! The last picture is amazing- very brave!

Santina said...

I absolutely adore dark roots. For quite some time, I rocked white blonde hair (with dark eyebrows) and I loved when my hair grew out a bit, exposing my dark roots! Hair bleach is a bit hard to come by where I'm living at the moment (a small beach town in Mexico), so I'm letting my natural color grow out, making my hair quite two toned....Aggghh, haven't seen the natural color in ages!

To answer your questions: Yes, I loved that look on Drew Barrymore although I seem to remember her getting a lot of shit for it. And yes, again - I'd love a Trevor Sorbie color job!


Alisha said...

Not really sure about this look. Though it looks nice on Sarah Jessica Parker.♥

Dahl said...

oooh i love this look!! Soo cute!! Alexa looks amazing as usual, but i don't real care for the second Drew pic.

Bonnie said...

Ugh. Not a fan of this look whatsoever. It looks good on some people, but I don't know how this got to be a trend!
That's the benefit of highlights. It's more difficult to tell if you go a bit longer between touch-ups.

P.S. Thank you so much for your kind words about my grandpa. I really appreciate it.


silvergirl said...

Well, all I can say is Yea! I can wait a couple more months before I highlight again. LOL

The Style Glossary said...

I like SJP's and Jessica's Biel's the best, but personally I like my hair color to be rich all over. . . the worn in look isn't for me.

Drew Barrymore's looks nice and vintage. . . so 70's, and it fits her personal style well too :)

hearts and hugs,

Anonymous said...

Love love love the last pic!

Blah Blah Becky said...

I love this look, especially on SJP - but I'm in the same camp as you with loving everything she does!

Alien said...

I'm really liking this trend, but not when it's a dramatic change in the colour I like the smooth transitioning.

Fashion Limbo said...

I also had never seen that look on Ashlee and actually quite like it, thanks for pointing it out!

saucy said...

I just this minute realized this was an actual trend--saw Drew at the Covergirl party and decided to google it.

I had no idea being too broke to get my highlights done was making me stylish. Thanks!