Wednesday, November 17, 2010

So Many Dresses but I Only Need One

I know it is not even Thanksgiving yet, but I can't help but look for holiday dresses for the upcoming Christmas parties! Since I have been taking it easy lately, I have been online more than normal (I know hard to believe because I am ALWAYS online), and I have found some really fabulous finds.  Not all of these radiant frocks break the bank either, which is great since we all have to buy a million Christmas presents! 
I have been to so many online stores ranging from Modcloth and Nastygal (my newly found love) to Free People.  There are so many gorgeous options that I am having a really hard time making a final decision. That's where you guys come in!  I have narrowed it down to 6 dresses and I want my lovelies to help me decide which one will be best.
These were the dresses I found at Nastygal.

I am such a sequins lover! Anything that is sparkly and shiny, I buy.

(Photos courtesy of

This is the perfect red dress, but do I want red for the holidays or maybe something different this year?

And shiny AGAIN!

Here are the dresses that I found at Modcloth.

This one is pretty disco-esque but I love the flashiness of it! (of course)

(Photos courtesy of

This is inspired by my new Mad Men obsession.  I though I could top it off with retro curls and hot red lips!

This dress reminds me of the Prada Fall collection. I love the bustier embellishment on this frock!

I found these on Free People, which is my favorite store EVER!

I love lace anything, I am such a sucker for it. I swear I have at least 4 black lace tops hanging in my closet.

(Photos courtesy of

I love red and black together, you can never go wrong with this combination.

This ivory lace (of course) dress looks so wintery to me. Especially paired with black tights. I am telling you, black tights go with EVERYTHING!

So I want to know!!! Which one!!???


Bonnie said...

The second from the bottom Free People dress is one of my favorites. I featured it on my site a week or so ago when I fell in love with it. <3

Jackie said...

The red one from Nastygal and the red/black from Freepeople. They are all lovely.


Cowbiscuits said...

UGHHH you guys get so many cool websites!! I love the first dress it's just amazing and will suit the WHOLE holiday season and new year ;) xx

Brianna said...

I vote either the red one or the silver one with bows on the back from Nastygal. :) You'd look amazing!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow that is a tough choice. I'm loving the REDs ( duh!) and all the sequence, but since you just turn into a Mad Men fan i think you should go with the Prada look alike =)

Fashion Butter said...

Ooo, the red and black is very interesting ... my vote is for that one or the disco-esque one. Love the silhouette.

Anonymous said...

oops i mean the one over the prada looking one lol

Collette Osuna said...

I love the first sparkly:)

and of course..ANYTHING from ModCloth is to die for......:)

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Hope Adela said...

lovely dresses! i would go with the 3rd or the 5th one =)

Full Cup said...

This first one is amazing! Love that website!


Molly Jane

Miles Of Style said...

my heart's set on the last one!

p.s i hope you had a chance to enter my new giveaway here:

Catita said...

I love the first one a lot!

Jodi said...

Of course you would rock all of these dresses, however.. may fav that I KNOW you would look da-gorgeous in, is the second to last one, the red and black one.. the neckline is unique and it is totally cute and sexy!! It would totally suit you!!!

I like #1 and # 3 overall also!!

A BRIT GREEK said...

Nasty Gal rocks doesn't it? I really like the lace frock!

I'm glad you get the 'Joey' way of clearing a fridge!

Thanks for stopping by doll.

Anonymous said...

I love all the first two free people dresses I do not know why but if I had to buy anything for myself and had a limited choice. those tow would be the ones I would go with in a heartbeat. :)

Love form Toronto, Canada

Dear Girl said...

ill pick the 4th and 5th one for you=) they look gorgeous on your curves and your skin tone=) and thanks for posting this, my gosh i still hv not prepared my thanksgiving outfit!!!!! i still need a nice dress too for christmas=)same here, shopping online sighhh, like my meal dessert!

Curves ahead makeup said...

love that one that reminds your of Paula wow you would look stunning in that dress ahhhh makes me want to g buy one but I don't have any Christmas parties =( bummer

T!ffany said...

Oh Great Choices. Decisions, decisions. I like the 4th and 5th one. said...

Love that Red Prada look alike number from modcloth. I need it ... like NOW! :) said...

Love that Red Prada look alike number from modcloth. I need it ... like NOW! :)

Becca [Free Honey] said...

Ugh I need to do more online browsing for holiday dresses. I always wait until the very last minute to find something to wear to holiday soirees. I especially dread dressing for my work holiday party which is a bit more formal and conservative. I think your mad men inspired dress could really work for the occasion!

Marissa said...

The 5th one is my favorite! Seriously I'm headed to NastyGal now and that justtt might be my Christmas Eve dress :)


Erika said...

Angela -

AHHH! OK this is a toughie.... I am in love with all three NastyGal dresses.... and the Mad Men inspired dress is to DIE for. I can't narrow it down any more than the silver sequin dress and the said ModCloth dress. I think you would look smokin' in the sequin number :) But the ModCloth dress is like nothing I have ever seen!

AHHH... I don't know! Both? Yessss :)

Let us know what you choose, please!
style activist

Vogue and Vintage said...

Who says you only NEED one? You can have MANY! I love LOVE the 2nd red dress, and modcloth is the BEST! I love dresses they make you feel so feminine!

Anonymous said...

I love that red dress the second one from mod cloth, been lusting for it forever

Frozen Fashion said...

Are you going to formal affairs or casual cocktail parties?

My favourites are from your Modcloth choices.
The first and third.

My favourite being the first one. It is the most unique, polished, sexy and femine. Also you could wear to both formal or more casual affairs. There is alot you do with that dress!


Liv said...

Okay so picking four isn't remotely helpful with your decision-making but I love the first and third sparkly Nastygal dresses, and the Modcloth disco and Prada-ish dresses. Are here I am attempting to shop my closet this year... my resolve is melting away...

silvergirl said...

OOH I like 1,3 and 5 the best.

Andee Layne said...

so many amazing dresses!!!! great post

Dahl said...

really love the Mad Men inspired dress!!! fabulous!! also adore the disco-esque, it reminds me of snakeskin and the texture is so interesting!

Jaymie said...

Firstly love leather shorts so whole heartidly agree!
then i can also spot you love mad men now to underneath so yes officially awesome!
In reply to my comment thankyou so much for the compliment about my header (its avalible as a print in my etsy shop ;) tehe) i also love yours! I am so excited to go back to new york i loveeee it!