Monday, November 1, 2010

Chictopia and Lookbook...Wear do I Stand?

Over the past week or so I have been reading quite a few articles on the personal style websites such as Chictopia and Lookbook. I read the article at Grit and Glamour (click HERE to read yourself), and it really got me to explore my own thoughts more in depth about these particular sites. Then I ran across a couple more articles from one of my favorite blogs Style Activist (click HERE to read) and also at Love Brown Sugar (click HERE to read). I have to say all of these posts set off some sort of reaction and had me asking myself as to why I had joined either site to begin with? To be honest, I don't have a ton of experience on either website, but I have managed to join both since my blogging career started this summer.
I first joined Chictopia back in June, and after uploading a couple of outfits that I thought were pretty stellar, I got a few comments back but not too much interaction. I kind of let it go, and moved on mostly focusing on my blog. Then, I started seeing more of Lookbook and hearing all the hype (pun intended) surrounding it, so I thought I would give it a try. Wow, I think I can pretty much hear the crickets still chirping since my last upload. I couldn't figure out how to get more friends or "hypes", so I ended up thinking I just "didn't get it" and moved on once again to focus on my blog. Not to mention, I noticed most the people on Lookbook were no older than 21. The first time I saw someone featured in the daily feed that was 29, I was surprised and decided I was WAY TOO OLD to be on this site!  So I went back to Chictopia (where I had felt a little more love), and uploaded a couple more outfits.  I got a lot of votes on my wedding dress military style outfit, but not many on the other outfits I uploaded after that.  So, I am back to questioning myself on why I am waisting my time with these websites when I have a blog to spend all of my time on?
In the afore mentioned blog articles, almost all three of them go on to ask the same question, "Why does it seem like you have to be super young, super thin, and super light-skinned to get any so-called hype?" Well, I have asked myself the same questions. While I don't consider myself super thin (I am a regular sized girl, a 4 on good days, and a 6 on my so-called fat days) and I am also not a "young" blogger either (I just turned 30), and I am a caucasian female, yet I still didn't feel like I connected with very many people.
In fact, for these 2 outfit posts (click HERE to view), I got 0 hypes. I was confused, I really liked these outfits and pictures. Thoughts??
These are the pictures I uploaded with 0 hypes

Now I did get 3 (WOW) hypes on this picture.

So... I just wanted to ask you guys. What gives??

1. Is a size 6 really too big or age 30 really too old to get hyped or chic voted??
2. Are these sites worth your time considering it does take some time to upload, tag, etc?
3. Do Chictopia or Lookbook drive traffic to your blog?

I want to hear your thoughts! I rarely write on anything that could be classified as controversial, but I really wanted to see what all the other fashion bloggers out there were thinking about this particular subject.
Have a fabulous Monday and rest of the week!


Courtney said...

I felt very similarly about Lookbook and Chictopia. I joined earlier this summer and was very disappointed when I didn't get any feedback. I think maybe these are sites you have to spend a lot of time on to get recognition is what I decided. After reading V's entry on Lookbook et al, I decided to delete all my accounts on these sites. I wasn't active in any of them so it wasn't a loss.


Collette Osuna said...

Hi Hunnie....I have a couple of those accounts as well, its hit or miss and for me, it was a place besides my blog to keep track of my looks, for my own personal reasons.
I could really careless about the "hype" :)
You are definitely NOT too old doll..because if you think YOU are, then I definitely am. lol...You look great..this blog is a blog of YOU, for YOU:)


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Pammy said...

I am not a fashion blogger so I really don't visit those sites but I know a good style when I see one and I'm sure I have mentioned it before that I really like your style a lot. Age is just a number, not a factor on what I (and I'm sure others here) would consider to be a good fashion style and you're definitely not too old. And I honestly like the first shot better than those that received "hypes". :)

Stay pretty and chic! :)

fuyume said...

i love your look and i have had similar experiences to you. i am super thin and i look young but im mixed race so im not ligt skinned and the pic on chicotopia where i look ultra thin got the most chic votes so i do think there is some truth to what grit and glamour said.

Bonnie said...

It is definitely hit or miss. Plus, some people are just stupid. I wouldn't take it too seriously. We all love you!

Grit and Glamour said...

Hi Angela, thanks for the mention, sugar! I'm glad you and others are giving more thought to whether these sites are of value or not. Everyone has to make the decision that is right for them. I just wanted people to be aware of some aspects of these sites that are obvious, yet not.

♥ V
twitter: @gritandglamour

PS: Your blog is looking good! I see you changed the text color and justification...awesome! One thing I forgot to mention in my email to you was putting a copyright statement on your blog. Can't believe I forgot that! Duh! Anyway, see my blog for an example (the Copyright tab). There's also a good article on this topic on the Better Blog tab/page.

Veshoevius said...

I never bothered with joining these sites because I noted as you did that it seemed to be mainly people well under thirty using it and I'm well over that. It was only recently that I discovered that one or two were invite only for a long time.

I've commented at length on Vahni's very informative post because she highlighted a lot of things I hadn't known about them that I found disturbing. I think you are right to focus on your blog - those sites sound really narrow in thier focus on what is considered stylish and style is much more diverse in the real world - as long as you feel good in your own skin and in what you are wearing that will shine through in your blog.

Jackie said...

I love all your photos they look great. I totally agree with your post. I have felt the same way when it came to these two sites. I often update my photos from time to time on Chictopia but never do I get many comments or have been placed in their gallery in such a long time. On lookbook you either have to be the most popular bloggers that are well known. I believe that anyone who's anyone should take stage at these sites.
I'll have to email you later on what else I think...LOL!!! Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

Just don't feel sad because you didn't get the hype you wanted. I think you can be stylish and gorgeous even if you're not comparable to a supermodel.
It's not your problem, trust me, it's just that the standard for models nowadays is set by pasty-skinned, blonde girls from Eastern Europe who rarely weigh more that 50 kilos. Just look at the most important fashion shows: that kind of girl, who usually is no older than 20, is everywhere.
I am 26, wear an English size 8 and I'm 180 cm tall, and yet I don't meet Chictopia and Lookbook standards, so I decided not to join these sites and focus on my blog.
I used to be a model once, but now I would not be able to work because I am not blonde nor skinny, nor incredibly pale. And yet I couldn't care less.
My advice is to keep doing what you like doing, without caring for what the people might think.
Personally, I love your pictures and think your blog is a good one! :)


Ninjagaiden78 said...

You have great hair, seriously.
And as far as those sites, you are not too old.

Meagan said...

I've tried Chictopia and have had very little luck with it. All I can figure out is that it's sort of an already formed group. The older members rarely seem to vote for new members. And people are prejudice about lots of things I guess---age, size, personal style. If it isn't what they'd wear, they won't vote for it or don't seem able to appreciate it. But *everyone* should be welcome-regardless of age, etc. Fashion is for everyone!

Cowbiscuits said...

i feel the same, I don't get it either haha!
Your gorgeous and don't need somebody to judge you on that with a click of a button we can all see here how lovely you are outside and in! xx

Panda! said...

i love the last photo <3

Dolls Factory said...

you all are so right I read the posts from the other girls too.
I'm a size 4 and smetimes 2 ...I have the same thoughts about those websites, and same as you I started using them in July and now I've stoped.

Hypes were more about the type of picture rather then the outfit. the girl who gets 2000 hypes every look Maffashion has a blog in polish and no one understands what she writes anyway but they vote her size 0 and her grunge looks whatever she wears. she can wear even a white sheet and she'll get more than 1500 hypes anyway. so what's the point.

I dp
on't know how it works. nce I even noticed I had the same outfit as another girl, orange skirt+ striped shirt and she ended with 1200 hypes , me with 34 . so I just gave up.

Dear Girl said...

i am glad you posted about this. i am curious on how these people get 87 comments on their chictopia!i wanted to know the strategy but i hv no time to ask..i am 29!!!but u see dear, last week i managed my blog and included you on "blogs that made me smile", "fun,fashionable and married" was my description on how i see your blog.i want other readers to know tht even we are married we make a fasionable and a fun lifestyle!i dont get much interaction at chictopia either, but i think they pour full time attn on it,and prefer the forte of displaying personal outfits rather than to be a good writer and a thinker. or maybe who knows in the long run your traffic will go better if you prefer to stay? as myself, i wanted to stay focused on blogging and hv chictopia an extra side dish.hey you look beautiful than most 30 y/o women out there!myself,even i get older and wrinkled, i will still be gorgeous.

Mackenzie {Design Darling} said...

You look stunning! Good for you for putting yourself out there. The last one in particular is just breathtaking. Have a lovely week :)

Paulina said...

I think after the explosion of people like Rumi Neely, Tavi, and Jane Aldridge, people look for that crazy, innovative, "fashion forward", out of the box look.

Some of the crazy, ridiculous, and outrageous stuff they pull off is really hard to do without being ten feet tall and twenty pounds.

Diana said...

i read style activist's article about this earlier. i am a member of both as well and i barely ever update mine. honestly i dont even understand howww people get all those votes and i think its lame that the popular ones look the same. fashion is all about new and different looks and it kind of bores me. plus you are nott way too old - these sites are just kind of lame (and i love your outfits!) xo

Jodi said...

Interesting!! I just read that Grit and Glamour article a few days ago myself and boy it opened my eyes to some of what goes on in the world of blogging. It reminds me of facebook and how some people have so many friends, but they are friend collectors rather than REAL friends- like a highschool popularity contest.

I think your pictures are gorgeous, professionally photographed as well as awesome outfits and you are very photogenic. So I personally wouldn't waste your time on those blogs. I also notice that the blogs that I have subscribed to where the person has tons of followers- well usually that person never comments or replies to comments so it seems really one-sided. Guess it all depends on why you blog to begin with- whats your goal, etc?

I LOVE the first pic, it is amazing!!!

Style Activist said...


The post is great. I seriously can't believe you didn't get any kind of response with these photos - they are incred.

You are gorgeous, no matter what size, age, whatever you are! I love reading an article that is I guess you could say "controversial", and just speaks from the writers heart :) It makes me feel like I am getting to know you a little better!

Keep working it girl! You are awesome and we all love you!

style activist

arash said...

I thought about signing up then I read these posts about them and read about a distinct lack of community on such websites.

Being a male but slim and under 30 I still fall into the category where I'm likely to get overlooked. My main aim was to generate more traffic but I guess that doesn't happen unless you get a lot of people commenting/hyping you.

My other gripe I have with it is it's like flicking through a copy of a glossy magazine. All the photos look well styled and thought out shot with a professional DSLR.

What happened to your average person who only has a camera phone and takes pics infront of a mirror.

If I'm looking for inspiration I'd rather check out sites like of real people that just so happened to be snapped on the street.

Vogue and Vintage said...

Hey Hunny! Great entry I myself was a member of chictopia when first started my blog back in 2008. I enjoyed uploading my images and outfits but in the end I used it as a personal diary for myself. I received a lot of traffic but after a while it started to become a chore just to keep up and active so I faded and figured if I wanted to show my wardrobe I would on my blog. That’s what it’s there for right?!

I don't honestly think it a matter of age I think it’s a matter of constancy and being overly experimental with your shoots and outfits. I personally love the first image ALOT so I don't understand the no hits on that one but once again I think it’s a matter of being extremely out there with your shoots. I personally look at look book because it has such great photography and I really don’t see much “outfit “ shots that makes me want to vote. I am a street fashion lover and personally even if you are over the top with you outfits I am more pulled towards honestly and well put together personal style outfits. Some people you can just tell have just through EVERYTHING on to fit that so call “Style” mold.

All in all when I was on chictopa and still am (Well my account is ) my traffic was not effects either way, so I figure your blog is chic, you’ve got great commentary and images put it all here! I’m over 25 and kind of feel like those sites are cute for the younger groups who have more time to take constant photos of themselves and post them. Like a Face book (faded from there as well) Stick with what your good at 

kirstyb said...

love the first pic x

AKM said...

I love the third photo. And no you're not old, some people probaklly think im too young. But you're not doing it for anyone else you're doing it for you.

Zarna said...

A size 6 is perfection and 30 is not nearly too old to get votes on thsoe sites!

I haven't really been on those sites too much, but I'm also wondering if they would bring traffic to my blog. Let me know what you find out :)


Miranda said...

I think your photos are great, I wouldn't take it personally.

Sometimes I feel "fat" compared to the other girls I'm a 8 or 10, but we all come in different sizes and shapes so who cares! haha Blogging is a fun hobby. I may not make a career out of it or change the world, but I enjoy it and I love being inspired by others.

Catita said...

I am bias...I mean I prefer blogs so much, at least there is content and well the pictures just take forever to upload! And no a size 6 is not too big nor is 30 too old!
I love the first pic, its like oyu get prettier by the post.

Kat said...

First of all I love your pictures! you have amazing style and you are gorgeous!!

I think Chictopia is slightly better than lookbook but I think that all the people on each site have been there for a long time so i feel like its hard for a lot of new comers to get into the style gallery or get hypes. I just opened an account on lookbook like 2 months ago and only uploaded a pic a week ago. Its same with hypes :( I opened my chictopia account in the middle of the summer and although I still have not gotten in the style gallery, people have been very nice and have commented on my photos.

6 is def not to big and 30 is def not to old. to me, you are perfect!

lady sélénite said...

Well, Blogworld is also the place where difference can blossom. I think it's great to be unique and different. So many blogs are boring because the girls have the same body and wear the same clothes. Well, you are not like that and that's why your blog is interesting ! I love the first photo by the way !
(sorry for my bad english)

Anonymous said...

ah love this topic always brighten my day, I'm size 4 sometimes size 2 , i got one or 2 hypes on lookbook and got like 5-13 chic vote on chictopia, the main reason why i bother to join those sites because i want people to see my blog, as I'm new on this fashion blogging thing.
I did get 2-3 followers for 2-3 days from both sites, other than that, my 4 hours daily commitment on making my blog big is where i got my readers from.
I wouldnt worry so much about lookbook or chictopia, big blogger sometimes doesnt even care about putting their looks there, like blondesalad or afterdrk, they hardly put their looks there and they keep getting readers/followers.
<3 your blog and you look
now following

Annie Spandex said...

That Ferris Wheel pic is amazing!!

I don't bother with those sites. I have heard there is ageism going on there, but they just don't seem worth the time to me.

If size 6 is too big or 30 too old, well, then that's completely screwed. 6 is small and 30 is young.

Jan said...

That last dress is such a cute one!
&I don't t hink age matters,
just do what you got to do ^^

Mimi said...

I like the first the best! You never know with sites like those...

Retro Chick said...

I gave up on these sites ages ago.

I had no joy with chictopia and Lookbook didn't even approve my application to join!

I think your oitfit posts are amazing! You've made me feel bad about mine!

Mimi said...

Hi again! Yes, I'm almost finished with my program, to answer your question...but I have a major passion for jewelry design as well...I'm starting my own line...aaah so many, many things I want to do in this lifetime;)

Anonymous said...

I must digg your article so other folks can look at it, very useful, I had a tough time finding the results searching on the web, thanks.

- Mark

Fashion Butter said...

You are looking good to me!

I am in my 30s and don't wear feather headdresses, so I quickly realized that those site were pointless for me ... I do keep a Weardrobe account - found some friends on there and it's provides me with a small traffic bump and additional channel of promotion - but I don't even bother sending in photos to be featured anymore.

Jenna said...

OKAY THIS IS TOO FUNNY...cuz we have totally had this convo a jillion times. LOL...and on that last photo? One of the hypes was from me...!! HAHAH! Anyway...answers...

1. No, a size 6 is not too big. I am a size 8. So if you are too big, then I am super-fat. And I know I am not, so you're all good, dearest!! And 30? Relax. You are still a baby... :)

2. In a word, no.

3. In the same word, no.

Just keep being your lovely self...that's why we all adore you so much. Forget lookbook and chictopia. I have. I'm over the "hype" ;)


Ashley said...

I think the people who get the most "hype" are usually quite generic looking (unlike you and me, of course!), and so are their outfits. I have no idea why some people are so popular on websites like those. I've posed about four looks on Lookbook, and I've only gotten about 1 hype I think. I don't think it has anything to do with size, or baffles me honestly. But I think I'm going to stay away from these sites and just focus on my blog!

Anonymous said...

Very enlightening and beneficial to someone whose been out of the circuit for a long time.

- Lora

Kirstin said...

Thanks for the comment dear, I have definitely been MIA due to my busy school schedule but 3 more days of that and I am on vacation! That means more time for blogging and catching up with everyone! I love this post because this has been something I have been incredibly frustrated with. I have tried a couple times to upload photos to Chictopia and received very little feedback or traffic back to my site. I have come to realize that if you don't stick to the not so unique uniform of a bowler hat, knee socks and wedges then you won't get much hype. Ah well, your photos and outfits are too good for them anyway! You are actually creative and unique looking:)

Anonymous said...

I kinda agree with some of the commenters here that Chictopia and Lookbook is an already formed community and the only way you can stand out is if you have really really outstanding over the top photos if you are a newcomer.

Other than that the explanation might be that I just don't get it either!! lol