Monday, August 9, 2010

A TuTu, Ferris Wheel and Cotton Candy

I was so delighted to get my brand new tutu from American Apparel after a wonderful giftcard was given to me by my bestie, Queen B.  I cannot tell you how long I have been waiting to buy a tutu, and I never dreamed that I would get to shoot with it at a night time carnival. We had a ball doing these photos and I am sure everyone there thought we were crazy (we got lots of stares and glares), but then again, we are!

Shirt Express, Tutu American Apparel, Tights Forever 21, Mary Jane Shoes Aldo


penny. LA said...

OH MY GOSH. When you said tutu, I thought of Carrie's tutu... but yours is a bit more realistic (but still kind of wild - in a good way). Love it - love the last photo especially!

Lady Lipstick said...

Actually funny you said that bc that is SUCH the inspiration for my tutu obsession! I am the biggest Carrie fan on the planet!! But yeah I think mine is a little more toned down! LOL

E said...

you are SO cute! thank you for the comment on my blog. im so happy you found me! and from one redhead to another i LOVE your hair and your style SO cute!
I havent set up an etsy account quite yet but if you see something you like i do have pay pal and sell my earrings through my blog. I will be hopefully setting up a website for them soon!

but check out some of my earrings that i have done

feel free to email me for a custom piece or to chat anytime THANK YOU!

Lady Lipstick said...

Ok I am going to check them out!
Yay for redheads! I am not a natural redhead, but I joined as fast as i could!

Paulina said...

I love this entire shoot! This is so gorgeous and fun. You are beautiful!

I tried to email you back in response to the comment you left on my site, but it bounced back. :(

So here it is!

Thank you for checking out my blog :)

I have a few of the American Apparel polishes and I think they are awesome. The polish is very smooth and easy to apply. The formula for all of the colors are pretty consistent, with maybe one or two being a little bit thicker than the others. They have an AMAZING selection of colors, which I love! The polishes are also easily removed.

I have Factory Grey (I think that's the one you're talking about) and it is a really cool, neutral grey.

I hope that helps!

Collette Osuna said...

Hi!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!! I LOVE yours too!! Im going to follow you:) How cute are you in that tutu with tights?? Awesome look!!

I bought the dress you liked on my blog about 4 weeks ago. I looked for it on the F21 site and couldn't find it, daughter loved it so much that we went back last weekend and they still had them IN the give it a shot:)

G. said...

Fabolous photos!

Valerie at Beauty and the Budget said...

These pictures are sooo pretty! looks like a magazine spread!

Grit and Glamour said...

That last photo...mag-worthy, my dear!

♥ V

Anonymous said...

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- Thomas