Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Shoe Dazzle - The NEW Shoe Society!

I recently joined a fabulous shoe society that has completely changed my outlook on shoes! Kim Kardashian's newest entrepreneur venture, Shoe Dazzle is taking women (and feet) by storm!
This simple, creative, and might I add genius, way of providing a personal styling service to women is on it's way to revolutionize fashionable women, and their shopping rituals! Although I'm a self proclaimed shoe-hussy, believe it or not, I always find it challenging to buy the perfect shoe that will compliment my wardrobe. Shoe Dazzle provides a great service, with great quality, and most importantly at a great price!
For those of you interested, here is how Shoe Dazzle works!
  • Take a Fashion Survey
  • Each month stylists will pick 5 shoes for you
  • You choose which pair you want
  • Membership is only $39.95 / pair
The BEST part about this shoe society is that it's very customer friendly! If you decide you don't like your choices, you can ask the stylist to send you new shoe options! I've personally done this a few times, not because I didn't like the shoes, but because I was going for a certain style that month, and within a day I received new choices!
To make matters easier, you can always choose the "skip this month" option if you don't see anything that makes your heart skip a beat!
I look forward to you joining me in this new SHOE REVOLUTION! Thank you Kim K. for making our shoe fantasies come true!! My next step is to start a support group for myself and my fellow shoe-junkies!
Here are my shoe options for May! They are all so cute! How am I going to pick just one?!

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