Friday, April 30, 2010

The One Hundred

I absolutely love any kind of books that have to do with fashion, style, beauty tips, etc! One day when I was wondering around Barnes & Nobles after a crazy day at beauty school, I picked up this MUST READ BOOK! It is called The One Hundred by Nina Garcia who is currently the fashion editor for Marie Claire magazine. I love love love this book. Basically it is a book to help every woman build their wardrobe full of classic, staple items that will last a lifetime. Keep in mind, building a wardrobe takes time and lots of it. So, don't get overwhelmed thinking you have to go out and buy One Hundred Things all in one weekend!

Click Here for the Ultimate Wardrobe Building Book!


Shan Renee said...

I SO need this book! I have been wanting to get it. Then, you have to come to Dallas to dress me! Wanna play Barbie with a real person, anyone?!?

everyoneloveslipstick said...

You have to get the Little Black Book of Style book too!! I have a link on here so you can order it!! These books rock!